Five Guys’ Hot Meat

Curiosity for me was piqued sometime in the summer after Five Guys started popping up all over the place. Their name was easily turned into a joke. Things like, “I just love shoving Five Guys meat in my mouth,” and, “Five Guys: good in my mouth, bad in my tummy,” were posted all over the internet. Friends started mentioning how great the burgers were to me, but I didn’t really care to make the trip out to Fremont at Pacific Commons to try it.

So, in mid-October, I had moved back out to Stockton (long story, it’s for school) and I realized that behind my house was Five Guys. It was even in the same parking lot as BJ’s (Think of the possibilities!) One studious night, I decided I needed to stop looking at whatever paper I was writing and get some dinner. Out of curiosity and incredible hunger, I walked over to Five Guys.

Upon walking in, you’ll realize there are sacks of potatoes directing you to the line and a color scheme similar to In ‘n Out’s. Now, I’m a huge fan of In ‘n Out. So, you can imagine I had a bit of disdain that they were ripping off one of my favorite burger places. Granted, I don’t know who came first.

As it was my first time there, the menu was explained to me by the cashier. What says “Cheeseburgers” on the menu actually means double cheeseburgers. “Little Cheeseburgers” means a single patty. As I was starving by this point, I ordered a bacon cheeseburger with fries and a soda. After waiting a few minutes, my order was up. The man handing out food asked me how I was and I quickly replied that I was starving. He then offered me some extra fries. I wasn’t going to turn them down, but I had forgotten a caveat a friend had given me. They normally fill the cup with fries and then proceed to fill the bottom of the bag with fries. Oh, did I mention that they don’t bother using trays or asking if it’s for here or to go? You always get a bag. I’m okay with that.

My burger came wrapped in aluminum foil. I was excited. Beyond the fact I was starving, the burger and fries smelled amazing. A little bit of that charbroiled smell and lightly spiced beef, not to mention the bacon. This burger was nothing short of amazing. It was juicy and delicious. The meat was well done and the bacon was crunchy, not like the awful, soggy strips you get from fast food places. The American cheese on it is great, especially if you ask for extra. I got this one without any vegetables, as I normally don’t enjoy them, but since then I’ve had one with lettuce and I can’t deny that I actually really enjoyed it. The fries themselves were pretty good. I actually couldn’t manage to eat that many as my burger was super filling. They were well-salted and that perfect crispness. Oh, and for some reason, their soda is extra delicious.

When I was done with that meal I felt terrible. It wasn’t because it wasn’t good. That beast was one of the most delicious burgers I’ve ever had, and I LOVE burgers. I felt terrible solely because I had eaten far too much. However, it was worth it. I was starving.

Today, I actually went to the Five Guys in Fremont. Everything was basically the same. However, I had a new challenge in mind today. I wanted to try their bacon and cheese hot dog. I was excited because everything else has been so delicious the various times I’ve gone. The hot dog comes wrapped in foil like the burger did. The dog itself is actually split down the middle and the bacon still delicious. It was great. So great, in fact, that despite having eaten a sandwich one or two hours earlier, I was still able to shove this down.

All in all, Five Guys is a great restaurant. Their food is great, the staff has always been friendly, and you always leave stuffed. Despite being a bit pricy, at $4-6 a burger and and $3-5 a dog, it’s well worth it. I can’t eat there every day, even if I could afford it. I don’t want to ruin it for myself.



**Editor's Note: Get Cajun-styled fries. They're seasoned fries; a little spicy, but pack a ton of taste. They'll annihilate your taste buds. -Ivan

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2 Responses to Five Guys’ Hot Meat

  1. I am going to have to disagree here. I felt the fries tasted like soggy cardboard. The burger was boring. I felt as I cheated on In n Out. I will stick with my animal style appetite and fries.

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