Take on The Monstrosity

When my brother got out of Marine’s boot camp, there was only one thing on his mind. He had been obsessing about getting a 6×6 from In n Out Burger. Believe me when I say this, he needed it. Desperately. He was at his skinniest and lightest. It was like they worked him half to death or something.

So, a wonderful discovery was made that day that I stored in my memory banks for later consumption. When he tried to order this 6×6, he was told he could only get a 4×4, BUT they could also sell him two extra patties with cheese. He was sold. He didn’t care what it took to make his 6×6 come to life.

While he was eating, which lasted all of 15 seconds because he inhaled that burger like he… well, like he was in boot camp, I spotted the receipt. Apparently, two meat patties with cheese was called a “Flying Dutchman”. I didn’t forget about it.

Fast forward to a few months, perhaps even a couple years later, my pickiness for food led me to a new discovery. I did not like onions at the time, but I really wanted to try animal style fries. It’s just not the same putting fries in your burger, trust me. So, I tried what any hungry college student would do, replace the vegetables with meat.

Wait, you don’t know what Animal Style is? Fries, In n Out sauce, and grilled onions. Now, I think they’re delicious.

So, what does this all come down to? Get Animal Style fries and a Flying Dutchman. Once you have them, put them together. You will NOT be disappointed. It’s actually really filling. So, skip a meal before you go. Sure, you could put fries in your burger, but it’s just not the same. Don’t cheat yourself. Every time I’ve eaten this in front of someone for the first time, they give me the usual, “What the hell are you doing? What is that?” Do yourself the favor if you’re feeling adventurous one day.

While you’re at it, get yourself a float. Equally delicious.

-Fernando Landaverde (wallcouldtalk@gmail.com)

About Fernando Landaverde
I like technology, rally, metal, food, beer, whiskey, and tequila. That just about covers it.

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