New BTBAM Preview! just posted a sample of Between the Buried and Me’s new song “Specular Reflection” off their upcoming EP entitled The Parallax: Hypersleep Dialogues. Click here to go give it a listen!

My opinion? The beginning makes me want to chug a bottle of whiskey, put a tin bucket on my head, board a warship, and hunt the Kraken with Ultima Weapon. After that it goes into full blown BTBAM glory. They haven’t released anything really solid since 2005’s Alaska, so I hope they’ve ripped a page from that playbook and keep their songs creative and ambitious but a little more focused. Less bullshit. I don’t need to hear a new riff every ten seconds. Then again, I don’t respect a band that’s going to change their sound based off one person’s opinion. So whatever.

You can preorder the EP beginning on Feb. 28.

-Brad Whiteside


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