WRECKED REVIEW: Trap Them – Darker Handcraft

I have a confession to make. Metal, with the exception of a handful of albums that have come out in the last few years, is dead to me.

(Disclosure: My colleagues here at Wrecked will vouch for the fact that I take sick pleasure in ripping music they thoroughly love. Unlike all the other metal blogs that enjoy jerking off crappy bands they’re buddies with, I have no loyalties to anyone.)

I’ve had lengthy conversations with friends about the current state of “heavy music”. iPods across the nation are infected by half assed releases by prominent bands we once admired: Killswitch Engage’s latest abortion, Every Time I Die’s Boreasaurus Rex, anything ever released by Shadows Fall, Unearth (One word: plagiarism), Lamb of God’s Sacrament Light, As I Lay Dying’s The Powerless Garbage, anything released by In Flames since Clayman, and too many more. It’s all shit.

There are two types of metal fans in my opinion: the ones who want to sit and hear a few cool riffs and go “Wow! Those guys are so good guitar players lolz” (I’ll admit, I went through that phase until a few years ago) and then there are the ones who listen to metal because they want to feel something.

You see, I’m getting older. At this moment in my life, I don’t have time to listen to a bunch of rehashed garbage labeled as “metal”. I don’t have time to listen to the same bands release the same shit every few years. I’m not 14 years old with no idea who Slayer is; I’ve heard it all up until this point. I want to listen to music that makes me want to headbang the way I did when I was a crazy teenager; music that makes me want to jump in the pit and rage. In my search for attitude, anger, and feeling in a cesspool of numbed mediocrity and pro tools, I have found a band I can finally latch my teeth onto.

That band is Trap Them.

I had the opportunity to listen to their upcoming release Darker Handcraft, which hits your mailbox March 15 like a firetruck…on fire.

Now, I’m not going to dissect it like it’s a glass of wine because that would be stupid. Reading about how an album sounds is like reading Maxim to find out how sex feels. You just have to go out and do it. Go listen to track 7, “The Facts” courtesy of brooklynvegan.com.

The verdict: 4 / 5

Notable tracks: “Slumcult & Gather”, “Evictionaries”, “The Facts”, “Manic In The Grips”, and “Sovereign Through The Pines”. Seriously, the whole album is a half hour of CRUSH.

Go pre-order Darker Handcraft today. And follow Trap Them on Facebook. Support bands that matter.

Brad Whiteside


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