So, This Is What Downtown Has To Offer

I love beer. Period. Before I turned 21, I really didn’t. Sometime around then, I was turned on to Newcastle and Fat Tire (thanks Lucky Pizza!), both of which I still enjoy. Now, I enjoy an array of beer…there’s a beer for every occasion! Here’s one for your next.


(Full disclosure: While all my friends will settle for ordering a Bud Light at the bar, I refuse to do so. I don’t care if it’s $2 and the next beer is $4. If it’s the ONLY thing available or I’m at a party or I’m already inebriated, I’ll drink it. Otherwise, there are better choices. I don’t short change myself.)

Last night, I was walking through Safeway to buy bacon and tortillas for delicious breakfast burritos, of course! While walking around, I came across a display rack with five or six six-packs on it. It looked like an afterthought, like food that was approaching its expiration date. I know beer technically has an expiration date but the sign on it said $5. Five dollars?! This was exciting. Among my choices were Lost Coast Brewery’s Great White and Downtown Brown. That was it.

I’ve had Great White before. It wasn’t bad. Recently, however, I’ve been on a brown ale kick. You see, my taste in beer changes with the seasons. In December, I was drinking anything that said “Winter” on it and in the summer, I tend to stick to white ales. Spring is a tough time for me when it comes to beer but I’ll get to that another time. So, the obvious choice was Downtown Brown.

After a tiring day at work, all I wanted to do was come home and relax. At some point, I realized I had a potentially delicious brew waiting for me in the fridge. Yes, I had never tried this beer before, but for $5 who am I to complain?

I was a little excited this beer actually needed a bottle opener. It seems more and more common for companies to use twist-off tops. It’s a mild, personal annoyance, but I appreciated the top. The beer has a scent like chocolate, which is a common trait of heavier, darker brews. This, however, is something more people can enjoy. It takes a specific set of taste buds to enjoy a dark beer. Think of this as a gateway beer. That flavor is there: the stronger, roasted, and nutty flavor, but in a much lighter package. There’s hints of caramel in there, too.

It doesn’t sit heavy at all, meaning you can enjoy knocking back a few of them. But try having one on an empty stomach and you’ll be feeling something after your first. Once you finish enjoying your beer, you are left with an enjoyable aftertaste. This is a mid-bodied brew with plenty of flavor.

To be quite frank, I’m not much for pairing drinks with food. But think about pairing it with something heavy. Or just enjoy it by itself. Personally, all I have in my fridge right now is bacon, eggs, and hot dogs. I guess that’ll just have to do!

If this is the kind of craft brew that Northern California has to offer, I may need to make a trip up to the brewery. Besides the fact I’ll enjoy the hell out of the gorgeous drive up there, Lost Coast Brewery also has a restaurant. I’d love to try their beers fresh from the tap while enjoying some delicious food!

For $5 at your local Safeway (a little more when it’s not on sale), you DEFINITELY can’t go wrong. Enjoy!

-Fernando Landaverde (


About Fernando Landaverde
I like technology, rally, metal, food, beer, whiskey, and tequila. That just about covers it.

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