Take A Bite Out Of Bob’s Burgers

A NEW SHOW! It’s animated, it’s on Fox, and its not created by Seth MacFarlane or Matt Groening….WHA?! The show is Bob’s Burgers, created by Loren Bouchard (co-creator of Home Movies and who also produced Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist). Bob’s Burgers revolves around Bob Belcher, voiced by H. Jon Benjamin (of recent Archer fame) and his family who own and run a burger shop.

This show is god damn incredible!

First of all, something about H. Jon Benjamin’s voice is both soothing, creepy and makes me want to drink whiskey straight from the bottle. The pilot episode is about one of Bob’s children starting a rumor at school that they get their meat from the crematorium which is right next door to the families’ restaurant which subsequently launches an actual investigation from the health department into the diners meat supply. The humor is sarcastic, random, and most of the time very offensive leaving nothing off limits (for example, one Burger of the Day is called “The Child Molester”…because it comes with candy).

Most lines, in true H. Jon Benjamin fashion, are delivered with his trademark dry tone of voice not too much different than his role as Coach McGuirk on Home Movies. Similar to shows like Archer, South Park, Family Guy, and American Dad, it will more or less force you to laugh at things you’ll probably end up in hell for laughing at, like cannibalism, child molesters, autism, and PETA….but everyone loves a good laugh at PETA. Don’t get me wrong, I love all of Seth MacFarlane and Matt Groening’s work, but having a new show that isn’t from either of those guys is definitely refreshing.

You can watch Bob’s Burgers Sunday nights at 8:30/7:30c on Fox or they have all the episodes so far on Hulu.com.

-Sean Moore

About Sean Moore
Senior Editor, Photographer at Wrecked Reviews

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