The Dillinger Escape Plan Defend Their Homefront

“Free Dillinger show in SF at noon on March 2nd” was the text message I received from Fernando at 6AM a week ago. No greater sentence has ever been written or uttered in the English language, with the exception of “free beer”, until that moment. We had no choice but to round up the troops and head into San Francisco to experience it.

Because that’s what The Dillinger Escape Plan is…an experience.

The Game Developers Conference was going on this week in San Francisco and The Dillinger Escape Plan were enlisted to help promote THQ’s upcoming first-person shooter Homefront, due out March 15. I have to wonder if the planning committee understood what they were getting themselves into by hiring one of the most explosive, unpredictable, and physical bands on the market for this endeavor. Must have top-notch lawyers.

The day of the show, some of the other guys from Wrecked Reviews and myself decided to head down to Tempest for some pre-game drinking. $5 PBRs and shots of Jim Beam were consumed until we felt we were ready to punch into the rock clock.

After our pilgrimage, we arrived at Yerba Buena Gardens, already soaking wet from the rain and a little buzzed. The crowd slowly gathered and solidified as we waded through a sea of twenty-somethings and smoke to get closer to the stage. The anticipation you feel when waiting for Dillinger to perform is similar to knowing you’re about to get  blasted in the face by ED-209 and love every second of it.

Guitarists Ben Weinman and Jeff Tuttle, along with bassist Liam Wilson and drummer Billy Rymer, finally emerged from the side stage to thunderous applause and maddened chanting of “FUCKIN’ DILLINGERRRR!” Singer Greg Puciato grabbed the microphone and immediately tempted the crowd with “Let’s see how fast we can get this shut down!” before the band went into “Room Full Of Eyes” off their latest album, Option Paralysis.

All hell broke loose.

Before I knew it, the crowd constricted like a python and I was right in front of the stage with Greg screaming in my face. A minute into their performance I was already tired, thirsty, and felt like throwing up. But I wanted MORE. That’s what Dillinger does to you. It doesn’t matter how old I am, when Dillinger plays I can’t help but go batshit crazy. Nothing gets you more pumped. You think Jesus made the lame walk again by simply touching them? No. He took them to a fuckin’ Dillinger show.

Other songs included “Milk Lizard”, “Farewell Mona Lisa”, “Black Bubblegum”, “Gold Teeth On A Bum”, “Panasonic Youth”, and a cover of Public Enemy’s “Fight The Power”, which I have to say got the crowd completely fucking sideways. It was raw insanity…Jeff and Greg jumping into the crowd and thrashing around with everyone. At several points  there were talks going on the side of the stage by the promoters to shut the show down because people were crowd surfing and climbing up the scaffolding. They never dared to touch that plug.

At one point, Greg appeared on the roof of the carousel as though he teleported like he was fucking Nightcrawler and then jumped off a PA speaker into the crowd. Someone is missing teeth right now. I don’t care.

If you’ve never seen Dillinger play before, you just have to. It is unlike anything you will ever witness in this life. This is a band that forces the listener to understand them; their energy, their dedication to not water anything down or pull any punches is something rare in a world of “heavy” bands that are anything but aggressive, creative, or even relevant for that matter. As I’m writing this, Greg is on Twitter talking monumental amounts of shit about Jared Leto. Good.

Make sure you catch The Dillinger Escape Plan when they roll through San Francisco again on June 13 with Deftones at The Warfield. Buy tickets while you can! But not from Ticketmaster because they’re a bunch of criminal dickheads who take sick pleasure in making you pay insane processing fees up the ass. They’re like the DMV of the music world. Hit up the venue if you’re ever in the neighborhood or try your luck with craigslist first.

-Brad Whiteside

Check out our full review on Homefront herePhotos courtesy of Sean Moore. For more pictures from the show, check out our photo album on the Wrecked Reviews Facebook!


6 Responses to The Dillinger Escape Plan Defend Their Homefront

  1. Whoa! Looks like some serious moshpit action there in your photos! Checked out the band…hard core… loved it!

  2. Mrs. Mint says:

    D.E.P. is one of those bands everyone MUST see in their lifetime. They always put on an amazing show. I wasn’t that big of a fan the first time I saw them, but then after that I was won over, and I will NEVER miss them when they come to the area….. aaaand huge plus for me, I will see them in April with Deftones, my all time favorite band, so when I heard they were on tour together, I thought I was dreaming.
    But IT IS a fact that you will become a HUGE Dillinger fan after seeing them live. BEST band to see live, hands down!

  3. nelson says:

    ive been watching dillinger since i was 15…. this is by far one of the best reviews …. every single dillinger performance is amazing sad i missed this sounded like fun

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