WRECKED REVIEW: Glassjaw – Coloring Book

There are a few bands that have stayed with me over the last decade. Most of what I once listened to has gone the way of the dodo. There are some bands, however, that have the staying power of the cockroach. These are artists that continuously put out music they give a shit about. Among these artists is Glassjaw. Their new EP Coloring Book is a complete step away from their former sound and direction but, somehow, it makes complete sense and still sounds familiar.

I’ll admit, the first time I heard “Gold” on their website, I thought it didn’t sound like them at all. I didn’t recognize it right away. Honestly, I listened to it a couple times, thought it was cool, and then didn’t listen to it again. Until I got a chance to hear the entire EP.

Coloring Book is absolutely wonderful. It’s completely different than anything they’ve ever done. The whole thing, though much less distinctive than before, creates an ambiance, even an atmosphere, that forces you to feel some way about something. I know that sounds vague and nondescript but maybe what I’m getting out of it is passion. Just sheer passion to do something that will never die. This is “roll around on the floor” passionate rock ‘n roll. Better yet, they make no apologies for it. That’s passion. That’s why I listen to the music I do.

Most of this EP is much quieter than the music Glassjaw is known for. I realize that semi-contradicts what I just said, but roll with me on this. Daryl does not scream on this, which is a little strange, but it works well. There’s still a lot of “wall of sound” music that they’ve been known for with plenty of noise. It truly is a coloring book. It’s a combination different tones and musical colors they haven’t done before. There are hints of influences and ideas they’ve probably been storing for years. It works well.

Six songs, 28 minutes, and a reminder of something most music lacks nowadays. No, it’s not a reminder of “the good ol’ days” or “the glory days.” It’s a reminder that art can have passion.

You can catch Glassjaw on tour now. Check out tour dates on their website.

-Fernando Landaverde


About Fernando Landaverde
I like technology, rally, metal, food, beer, whiskey, and tequila. That just about covers it.

One Response to WRECKED REVIEW: Glassjaw – Coloring Book

  1. Mrs. Mint says:

    LOVE IT. Love the EP and I LOVE Glassjaw and love your review, you read my mind!!! This EP was long awaited for me!!!! It felt like a million years had gone by since we had gotten any new Glassjaw!!! I saw these guys with Deftones back in 2006….. and would give a kidney to see that combo again (speaking of dream tour line ups as in my other comment…) I was happy with 6 songs. and you can definitely hear the collaboration with Chino Moreno on this EP…. They will always be an all time favorite as well.

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