SHOTS WITH SAMUS: A Drunk Encounter With Metroid: Other M

For my review on Metroid: Other M, I decided to get together with fellow Wrecked Reviewer Ben Everett and liquor him up with some good ol’ Jack Daniels to get a few of his personal insights, observations, and notable quotes on the game. For entertainment purposes, of course.

OH MY GOD SAMUS IS SO HOT! She’s basically the ultimate fantasy for every Nintendo fanboy if Zelda and Princess Peach aren’t available. But she’s in a new game, and to be honest she’s lost some of her appeal, some of her confidence, some of her independence, and god damnit, some of her fun.

“One of the strongest female characters of all time, is taking orders from some stupid CO. She’s a god damn bounty hunter! I WANT MY SAMUS BACK!”

-Ben, after a few shots and an ice-cold Bud Light

One large drawback of this game is its high level of difficulty. Not that we don’t love a good challenge, but with Team Ninja being the developer, known for their controller breaking Ninja Gaiden series, it makes me wonder if Nintendo’s Wii Remote sales were down and decided to release this game to get a push. From the smallest enemies you encounter every few seconds, like Goombas in Mario, to the most frustrating boss, it takes WAY more than what it should to kill them. Also, unlike other Metroid games, enemies do not drop items, which successfully removes any feeling of reward for fighting your way through frustration and anger.

“Every wrong doing of this game was done when they wanted to fit everything on just the Wiimote, no nun-chuck.  If this game were to consist of nothing but 2D game play it would be balls awesome.”

-Ben, after giving the bottle a hefty chug

THE CONTROLS! Other M has a mix of 2D style and first-person (FPS) controls. In 2D mode, the controller is held sideways just like an old-school NES controller which actually works very well and brings out that nice warm nostalgic feeling. It lets you lock onto enemies, keeps the game smooth, and you can easily morph into ball form. FPS view is another story. While switching to FPS view is as simple as turning the remote and pointing it at the screen, Samus becomes completely immobile therefore limiting her effectiveness during intense battles.  Imagine fighting a large, fast creature with specific weak spots: in 2D mode you can lock onto certain areas and shoot them to reveal the weak points, then all the sudden you have to switch to FPS mode on the fly and, if not done fast or accurate enough, you have to quickly switch back to 2D mode to get out of the way of impending doom when said creature gets back up and charges you. Who knows how much the controls would be improved by simply attaching the nun-chuck, thus giving you more options. Ben nearly threw his controller at the screen, but settled for tossing it onto the carpet and drank some beer.

“Holy shit I’m drunk dude, I’m lost in a desert of illusion”

-Ben the philosopher

One thing Team Ninja can be accredited with is “they have the ability to capture the atmospheric awareness of your surroundings” as Ben put very eloquently despite how drunk he was. When you’re not fighting or shooting a rat that will resist nuclear fallout, you really have to pay attention to whats above you, beneath you, what might be hidden, and how all those factors might be incorporated into a puzzle or how to get to the next area.  It really is one of the few things that truly draw you into the game that will actually keep you playing.

The only other question is if you did buy the game, who can you sucker into giving you the most in return for it? Game Stop usually shafts you on trade in prices; Craigslist is usually hit or miss.

-Sean Moore
-Ben Everett

“This game is balls deep in the worst ass ever”

-Ben before throwing the remote down and passing out


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