All Good Junkies Go To a Glassjaw Show (And Get a Free Coloring Book!)

Post-Hardcore outfit Glassjaw rolled through the SF last weekend to lay some sonic destruction on the Regency Ballroom and support their newest release Coloring Book. Yours truly just happened to be there with one thing on my mind: I had to finally discover if one of my favorite bands could hold their weight live. In the back of my mind, I was very worried that this show may be a deathblow for my Glassjaw obsession. Despite all the pieces there for this show to bring nothing but SUCK, I ended up leaving with an even bigger music boner for this New York foursome.

All of my fears about this show can be justified when you look at the history of Glassjaw, spanning from the bands inception in ’93 until now. Line up changes, the shift from a 5 piece to a 4 piece, years of waiting for a follow up to 2002’s Worship and Tribute, and a full band hiatus from ’02 to ’08 are all factors working against the band. Despite all of these facts, however, Glassjaw still holds it down like a champ live.

(DISCLAIMER: I unfortunately missed the opening act due to driving around in circles looking for parking and blasting Slayer’s latest album. Both that album and the lack of parking really just pissed me off and got me in the perfect mood for the ‘jaw.)

When Glassjaw took the stage, I was expecting a 45 minute set of them playing new material and really catering to the fact that all these new tracks were written as a 4 piece. Again not very high expectations…

…And oh man, how wrong I was….

The first 60 minutes of the set was a blast of tracks that span their entire career. They weren’t timid one bit about rocking a track or two from their first full length Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Silence and even played one of my personal favorites, “El Mark”, which is a B side off Worship and Tribute. What surprised me was the lack of new material. Yes they played tracks like “All Good Junkies Go To Heaven” and “You Think You’re (John Fucking Lennon)”, but nothing from the new release.

After this hour-long assault of music, lights, and SHRED, Glassjaw left the stage for the usual “encore” type of bullshit. In truth, I personally despise the whole practice of an encore because most bands suck at it. It destroys the flow of a set and makes the beer lines way to long.

Crowd roars up…

Glassjaw walks back on stage…

But wait! What’s this?! Rather then play one or two tracks like a typical encore, they play the new EP Coloring Book in its entirety. The performance of the album was spot on and included a great light show and amazing flow to the songs. No bullshit. Just 30 minutes of intense song writing.

The bottom line: Glassjaw has proved that they can still bring the goods live! Either 4 or 5 pieces, they will not disappoint and will rock a good show to both those who want to bring the mosh, and for those who want sip beer and soak in the tunes.

Also, a final kudos to the band for handing out the new album for free to everyone in attendance at the show. You gents are a class act all around.

-Ben Everett


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One Response to All Good Junkies Go To a Glassjaw Show (And Get a Free Coloring Book!)

  1. Melissa Mint says:

    JEALOUS….. need to catch them again…. JEALOUS!!!! That sounded like an absolutely GRAND event. :D ….. my brain is screaming with excitement.

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