Happy St. Patrick’s Day From Wrecked!

We here at Wrecked Reviews want to wish you all a very happy, and drunken, National Americans Continue The Perpetuation Of An Irish Stereotype Day St. Patrick’s Day! We know tomorrow you’re going to feel like complete shit at work, but that’s okay because this isn’t your first rodeo. So man up, Cindy.

If this isn't you by the end of tonight, you have failed.

People (Catholics) will try to convince you that there’s an actual reason for this holiday, to celebrate the birthday of some patron saint or whatever. That’s bullshit. Don’t listen to them. They’ll tell you stories about how he freed the slaves or ate snakes or whatever but what St. Patrick was really known for was kicking ass, drinking entire vats of Guinness, and protecting the Irish from an entire squadron of rogue Megazords. It’s in the Bible.

"I'll trade you this model church for a pint, good sir."

Our soundtrack suggestion for today? While most of you will pretend to like bands such as Dropkick Murphys (thanks, Boondock Saints) and Flogging Molly, we suggest you listen to another band on this hallowed occasion: GAMA BOMB. Nothing will get you more pumped than listening to Irish thrash metal as you take shots of Jameson and down Irish Car Bombs like they’re disappearing from the planet for the rest of your life.

You can download their latest album, Tales from the Grave in Space, for FREE here!

So be safe, be merry, don’t drive like a jerk, and enjoy the festivities!

– The Wrecked Reviews Crüe (Ivan, Brad, Fernando, Ben, Sean, and Matt)


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