Super Street Fighter IV 3D: Blanka Balls And Beer Goggles

SSFIV-3D's New Dynamic Mode

This past Wednesday, Ivan and I had the privilege representing Wrecked at Capcom’s Street Fighter 3D event held at IGN’s office in San Francisco. When we got there, we miraculously had parking right in front even though they PROBABLY had a spot reserved for us. Anyways, we walked up, they checked our names off the list, handed us our tickets, and escorted us in and up the elevator. We entered the room and was met with a warm welcome from an IGN staff member. She showed us where the games were and showed us to the free pizza…both equally good. Being the big Street Fighter fan I was, I was both very excited and very skeptical.

When I finally got my hands on the game, I decided to go into it blind without looking at the controls they had posted near the system to see how they compared to Super Street Fighter IV and what I was used to. First of all, if it matters to any of you, I normally play using the joystick on a controller. Using the joystick on the 3DS was very difficult and took awhile to get used to. A normal joystick is raised up, so there’s a lot of motion when going from side to side. The 3DS’s joystick is slightly concave enough for your thumb to fit into but its only motion is horizontal, and I found my thumbs slipping off the joystick for the first couple of rounds.  The buttons were kind of what I expected, A, B, Y and X were all of the light/medium punches and kicks with L and R being heavy punch and heavy kick, respectively. Performing basic moves were easy after getting used to the joystick but doing Ultras and Supers were still very difficult. After losing my first match I decided it would be wise to check out the controls and realized I was completely ignoring the bottom screen.

The touch screen had four hot keys on it that are customizable to any player specific moves. For example, if you’re Ryu, your hot keys by default are “Hadoken”, “Hurricane Kick”, then your Super and your Ultra. I was very frustrated about this at first, thinking it would make for very cheap gameplay, and it does. I actually went a whole round against some poor guy doing nothing but very quick Blanka Balls and the hot key was the only button I would hit and I won the match. I’m not sure how long the guy was waiting in line but hopefully it wasn’t too long. Thankfully, Capcom being the smart people they are, made all the buttons customizable with triples being an option for you purists out there. For online play, there’s actually a filter to screen out people who use the hot keys to map Ultras and Supers. After getting used to the 3DS joystick and getting used to the touch screen, they feel very familiar, but it seems like it might take a while for them to feel fluid and natural.

Classic 2D Mode

Street Fighter’s art style doesn’t call for the best graphics but the way it looked on the 3DS was actually very good. Using the 3D itself wasn’t much to rave about in normal 2D mode but definitely looked pretty with Ultras and Supers since they brought a few different angles. The best use of 3D is the new 3D Dynamic View game mode. Basically, take your normal match, but instead of a 2D view, you’re behind your character from an over the shoulder perspective, adding a new dynamic to the game where you actually need to judge your opponent’s distance. If done right, I feel this would actually be a good addition to the console versions as well.

One downside I noticed while playing is that in 3D mode (which is more a problem with the 3DS itself rather than the game) is if you turn or tilt the screen you’ll get a lot of blur, sometimes seeing double on the screen. I’ll dub this the “Beer Goggle” effect. If you’re anything like me and you mash in combos really hard, you’ll tend to move your controller around a lot. In this case, it’s the DS, so it’s either mash in controls and play through beer goggles, or re-teach your hands how to put in combos without moving much.

The Verdict: 4.5 out of 5.

Maybe a little generous being an avid Street Fighter fan, overall the game was well made. All the characters from Super Street Fighter IV are included and unlocked, and the 3D Dynamic View was a very nice addition; even going in as a skeptic I was very pleased. The controls might take a while to get used to but if you’re already getting a 3DS, I definitely recommend picking the game up, more so if you’ll actually have people to play against or want to play online.

Check out our full story on the IGN & Capcom Street Fighter event here!

Sean Moore

p.s. I accept Street Fighter challenges.


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