Wrecked Crashes IGN & Capcom’s Street Fighter Party!

I assure you, this photo has not been doctored in any kind of way. We destroyed that place.

Last night, fellow Wrecked editor Sean and I had the privilege of crashing IGN & Capcom’s Super Street Fighter IV 3D private event at IGN’s headquarters in San Francisco. People lucky enough to get in were treated with Street Fighter in every direction and a chance to win a Nintendo 3DS and a copy of SSFIV-3D courtesy of Capcom.

Attendees were welcomed by some very cheerful IGN employees, and were actually encouraged to apply for an opening at their offices. We were all welcomed with free pizza, soda, and snacks, but were we there to get buttered up by our fellow Bay Area based publication? No, we were there to crash the party.

Because this was an invitation-only event, there were barely any lines to wait through to get our meaty palms on the newest iteration of Capcom’s most exploitable franchise we all know and love (and have no problem buying over and over again). This wasn’t the first time I’d gotten my hands on Nintendo’s new technological lovechild, but this was the most time I’ve been able to spend with one to actually take it all in without some chump rushing me from behind in line. Being able to have that kind of time to really examine the game along with the bells and whistles of the 3DS was much appreciated. Stay tuned for my full review of the Nintendo 3DS coming later this weekend.

Capcom had also set up a few more stations where players could compete on the console versions of Super Street Fighter IV.  Neither Sean or I are very good on fight sticks, and actually prefer playing on 360 controllers. Blasphemy, I know. Needless to say that since there were no 360 controllers lying around in a room full of Street Fighter enthusiasts (all the machines were running the PS3 build), we pretty much got our asses handled, most notably by Floyd from San Jose, who actually went on to win a free 3DS with a copy of Street Fighter in a raffle later that night.

Floyd from San Jose takes home the best prize of the night: A Wrecked business card.

After spending some time regaining our manhood by defeating some more people on the 3DS version of the game, we decided we’d do a bit of viral marketing around the offices of IGN. The security was blocking off most of the areas, so we couldn’t venture as far as we wanted to, but I think we left a good impression of who we were.

Just one shining example of our viral marketing in the IGN offices.

After an hour or two, a very lively (and possibly drunk) IGN editor started up the raffles, giving away a bunch of Street Fighter swag including lanyards, shot glasses, wall plaques, awesome SF t-shirts, and finally a Nintendo 3DS system complete with a copy of Street Fighter IV 3D. After two no-shows, the tension in the room was palpable, as we were all hoping lady luck would be on our sides, and we’d take home that extra-dimensional sweetheart ourselves. We didn’t. Sean won a sweet Street Fighter lanyard instead! Just as good!

I beat Matt from San Francisco three times in a row, but he probably felt better when he got this sweet t-shirt!

I’m hoping IGN puts on more events like these; it was a ton of fun to get to see even a small part of their offices. They might have to sweeten us up if they’d like to see the Wrecked offices; even I have a hard time getting past security.

Head over to Sean’s review of Super Street Fighter IV – 3D Edition to check out our full take on the game.

See if you made it into our photos from the event in our full gallery on Facebook!


A few Capcom reps showing off their proper Shoryuken form.

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Photos by Sean Moore


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