Born Of Osiris Discover Themselves

I first heard Born of Osiris back in 2007 after the release of their debut EP, The New Reign. I didn’t fall in love with them exactly, but I couldn’t help but enjoy their machine gun-like breakdowns and frantic style of playing. What can I say? I’m a sucker for heavy, rhythmic chugging. Especially if it’s beer.

If you surf metal websites regularly, then I’m sure you didn’t miss MetalSucks and BOO having a bit of a falling out after MetalSucks mocked them for sounding too much like Meshuggah (I still have no idea if this was a joke or not, but the band seemed a little pissed about it on their Facebook). I think this is a little hypocritical on MetalSucks part, due to their slobbering obsession with shitty Meshuggah-clone djent bands. To be fair, plenty of bands have ripped off Meshuggah harder than Born of Osiris ever have. This commotion brought my attention to Born of Osiris and their new album The Discovery (released March 22), so I got my hands on a copy as soon as I could to give it a thorough review.

Right off the bat, I noticed the production is much different from their last outing. It’s a bit more full and warm, though compressed, which really opens up the album sonically to the listener. You could call it a good production job but it’s nothing noteworthy, however, I’m a firm believer that an amazing production job doesn’t make an album good…great songs do. The artwork, done by Cameron Gray, is absolutely incredible and reminds me a lot of Tool. I wouldn’t be surprised to see his work on many album covers in the future.


Born of Osiris really showcase their maturity as songwriters with the release of The Discovery. The album just feels so much more focused than anything they’ve previously done. Sampling and the use of keyboards are speckled across the album in true Born of Osiris fashion; old listeners will feel right at home. As someone who absolutely hates keyboards mixed with metal, I can honestly say that the keyboards become a part of the songs by adding depth, texture, and feel more organic than gimmicky, as I felt they did on previous material. The songs are a lot less sporadic and dissonant than what you might be used to, but I think this really compliments the band. Although a bit lengthy at just under 53 minutes, this is an album that keeps its hooks in you the whole way through with crushing rhythms, hypnotic guitar work, and a few well-executed chill moments that set a nice pace so the listener can catch their breath after having their ears beaten senseless.

My complaints? The bass tone is pretty laughable. Seriously, it sounds like a robot with diarrhea. I had no idea Fieldy was filling in on bass duties for Born of Osiris, but after looking at some live footage, I found a little proof to back this up:

Overall, I think this is their best release to date and marks a band discovering (PUN’D!) who they are as a collective force. I now consider Born of Osiris one of the rare few bands out there that really take ownership of their sound. The Discovery is definitely one of the more interesting, original, and solid album releases of 2011, something that would have shocked me to say a few months ago.

Final Verdict: 4 / 5

Notable Tracks: “Ascension”, “Recreate”, “Two Worlds of Design”, “Dissimulation”, “Automatic Motion”, “The Omniscient”, and “Behold”.

You can pick up a copy of The Discovery on iTunes.


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4 Responses to Born Of Osiris Discover Themselves

  1. Mrs. Mint says:

    Yes. Growth….they have always had a unique style.. I have loved their music from the start….this album its definitely different in a good way for many reasons (instead of just “the length”…….but I was satisfied with their previous shorter albums because they were so awesome…… but I do think this one will be the one to make them much more known than they are already…..they are very talented guys that deserve full recognition for their talent. Duh.
    As for the bass line….yea I noticed that.. but hold on here…. what is up with Fieldy? What?! When was this? ……
    I wonder if Mr. Darocha called in sick (from the van), so they call Fieldy? Hahahahahhahaaaaa

    • Mrs. Mint says:

      Oh and the Meshuggah thing? I agree. I have heard major rip offs. And Boo has never been one.

      • Mrs.Mint says:

        ok …. this was one my of favorite bands (second to deftones…. yea that’s a pretty big deal….) …. I recant my statements on this album(and would delete them if I knew how) because of the fact I was a biased hardcore fan, and truly they could have put out a polka album and I would have found some good songs on it….well maybe not to that extent … I did genuinely like a couple songs… but the rest of it…. was not THEM, was not good. And the bass sucked. bad. I loved A New Reign, it was like nothing I ever heard before. it was organized chaos and it was beautiful! A Higher Place was also wonderful…This album is crap compared to those. but I have really made some changes to my playlist….
        yea, meshuggah started that whole sound that they now label ‘djent”…. but I will say that regardless, Lee is a VERY talented guitarist. He is the driving force behind that band. and I respect his talent and seems to be the one who takes music most seriously….

        but I am just not gonna deny that this album is filled with filler songs and all that….I mean what IS some of THAT shit? ugh…… when did Justin Timberlake join the band???

        so why the major change of heart? well, I learned the real facts behind the band. rich kids that never had to struggle for their art…… that are handed everything-they are very open about it, and disgustingly arrogant. That kind of thing makes it very hard for me to take a band seriously. If lee was to branch off and do something different, I would be the first to check it out….. but I dont see that happening.

        so thats my TRUE AND HONEST opinion on this album…. and ultimately the band in general…. disappointment…..THE END.

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