Is This Homefront Worth Defending?

Homefront Cover THQ

Let me paint a picture for you:

-Dramatic music-

It’s 2027…. The world is changing… A weakened United States, struggling with a crumbling economy compounded by social unrest and crippling fuel shortages… A united and powerful Korea is rapidly consolidating its empire across the Pacific with swift military action…

-Dramatic pause-

And we are next….


Pretty intense premise if I do say so myself. In fact, the entire back-story that THQ painted for this game is detailed, engrossing, and, frankly, a tad scary.  It’s too bad that due to cookie cutter game mechanics and a VERY short campaign, Homefront makes me feel like I was invaded by a wave of suck rather than the Koreans.


The graphics of Homefront sit on par with your run-of-the-mill shooter in terms of technology and effects; a decently detailed world with solid textures but still sub-par to other games in the genre such as Call of Duty or Battlefield. However, I did find myself over looking this at times while enjoying the novelty that I was killing an entire army outside of a White Castle. I’ll take an M4 and 10 sliders please!

Harold & Kumar Defend Their Homefront

Just one of many Koreans you must defend your country from in Homefront. I have no idea who the other guy is though.


Aside from the story, this is another area were the game provides a decent experience. The sound design was solid, voice acting was no were near suck, and the soundtrack was atmospheric. I was rather shocked to not hear any of the music that was commissioned for the Homefront soundtrack, Songs for the Resistance. It’s weird that THQ made this album with several big name metal bands (As I Lay Dying, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Periphery, etc.) but did not even try to slip any of it into the final game.

On a side note, we were fortunate enough to witness an incredible (free) performance by The Dillinger Escape Plan earlier this month at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. You can check out our drunken review on that event here.

Story & Cinematics

This is when Homefront pulls a half-win. The opening cinematic was chilling and succeeded in making me uncomfortable at the sight of Koreans tearing through a small Colorado town. However, later in the game I was left clueless on what the hell was happening and honestly…I really didn’t care. I was much more content filling holes in the back-story through small articles spread over the map rather than actually progressing my characters journey. Also, just a word of warning, don’t expect ANY closure in this game. Homefront will give you rabid case of gaming blue balls. (Remember Halo 2?)


Stiff, predictable, buggy, uninspired, boring, frustrating…the list can go on and on. Nothing in this game was engaging and it just felt tired. If you are going to make a Call of Duty clone, at lest do SOMETHING better than CoD did. THQ really came up short on this one but with a sequel already in the works, I have hopes they can try to inject something new into this tired, worn out FPS formula.


This might be the one area that could salvage Homefront, but I wouldn’t know. Thanks to games now being packaged with one-time use online access codes, I got left out in the cold from the multiplayer component of this game. I have an opinion about this but I’ll save that one for another day…

Homefront is a game that deserves a bargain bin placement. If you are a single-player FPS buff like myself, stay far away from this suck-fest. My former copy now sits on the shelf at Gamestop where I’m sure it will stay for a long while.

Wrecked Rating: C-

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