I Hate Protest The Hero Live

Protest the Hero live at Slims SF

I really do…

This hate does not spawn from anger because one of the members killed my cat or stole my girlfriend, but rather because this band showed me that I have a long way to go before I can write and perform music of this caliber. Needless to say, I went home the next day and feverishly practiced scales for the first time in months, maybe even years.

Now, despite them exposing myself to my own shortcomings as a musician, it should be stated for the record that I am a huge fan of Protest the Hero. Throughout the years, since I discovered these Canadian shredheads, I have always had to pass up their live show due to god knows what. With the release of their new album, Scurrilous, I finally made it a point to catch them live. It even sealed the deal more when I found out Maylene and the Sons of Disaster and those good chaps from UK, TesseracT, were the supporting bands.

TesseracT was shown to me by a friend 2 years ago and, to be honest, I’ve always struggled to get into them. They feature tons of awesome shred and write solid songs but, for me, all of that is lost in a sea of other bands that seem to be chasing the generic tech, polyrhythmic, progressive, Meshuggah-inspired metal (djent). They rocked it on stage and knew how to deliver the goods sonically and I was impressed with not only the live mix, but also the obvious skill of every member of the band. However, this was not enough for me to be sold on a CD or shirt. Bottom line: this band was SICK but just not my style.

Fellow Wrecked Reviewer, Fernando Landeverde, decided to challenge one of the members of TesseracT to an arm wrestling match at the merch booth. The challenged was accepted by guitarist James Monteith and we shortly learned 2 things:

1. The guys in TesseracT are cool as hell.

2. Fernando couldn’t win an arm wrestling match against Stephen Hawking, let alone a guitarist who can shred your face off; someone get this kid a Shake Weight!

Fernando about to get his ass handed to him by James Monteith from TesseracT.

Maylene and the Sons of Disaster is pure whiskey drinkin’ music through and through. The last time I had the pleasure of seeing these Alabamians was back in 2007 as support for He Is Legend at the Soma in San Diego (still one of my favorite venues!). Maylene has gone through some line-up changes and released a new album, so I was behind the times with this band to my dismay.

The band is now only hosting 2 guitar players rather than 3, and I was a tad worried on how much that would affect the level of suck that would come across live. To my pleasure, it was not a problem whatsoever. Not only did this band kill it live, but I am now sold on their new album that is dropping sometime this summer. Though it’s rare to find a good mix of metalcore and southern riffage, this band makes me want to grab a shotgun, chug some moonshine, and punch a bull in the testicles.

Protest the Hero was shit-house awesome and I stand by that language. I’m rather upset with myself for never committing to see Protest all the times they’ve come through the Bay Area; I had seen many live videos of this band sucking something fierce back in the Kezia days but now it seems they have grown a lot as a live performance over the years. Rody Walker’s vocals were beautiful yet bone shaking and were supported well by his banter between songs.

Protest the Hero – “C’est La Vie”

Protest the Hero – “Turn Soonest to the Sea”

Mr. Walker was even gutsy enough to call out the San Jose Sharks. HEY YOU! YEAH YOU, RODY! Calling out the sharks, eh? Well, just answer me this: how is your team enjoying sloppy seconds with Ron Wilson… ?

That’s what I thought!

Anyway, aside from a disagreement in quality of hockey teams, the whole band sounded fantastic and left me inspired, slightly deaf, and REALLY drunk. Seriously, thank you Sean for driving. I owe you a taco buddy!

Don’t forget to check out our review on Protest the Hero’s latest album, Scurrilous.


Video/photos taken and edited by Kevin N. Hume

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