Nintendo’s Finally Done Ripping You Off

Nintendo Selects Line Introduces Mario Kart Wii Bundle -- Hints At Wii Price Drop

According to, Nintendo finally announced price drops on some of its biggest titles, like Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Wii Sports (previously FREE?), Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and more, bringing them to a much more reasonable $19.99 under the “Nintendo Selects” moniker. To me, this feels like a too-little-too-late move for Nintendo. I mean, taking FOUR AND A HALF YEARS to drop a single dime off Zelda’s price tag seems absolutely batshit crazy, don’t you think? Part of the speculation behind this move is that Ninty is price-dropping the big titles as well as bringing the system down to $149 to make way for the new Wii successor, code-named Project Cafe.

Not to say these games aren’t worthy of a $49.99 price tag, as almost all of them are hands down incredible games, but dropping them now just seems to highlight Nintendo’s play-by-their-own-rules business strategy. How long did it take Sony or Microsoft to release their greatest hits line of games? Not four and a half years, that’s for sure. Why not? Sony and Microsoft recognize that once a game has made enough money and sales start to slow down, they can generate more sales by bringing the game to a value price so more gamers will be willing to pick it up. Everyone wins, right? They get more sales, we get the same game, just cheaper and with an often-annoying colored frame around the game’s box art.

Maybe this means now that the 3DS is out, we’ll see price drops of some of the regular Nintendo DS games too. Will we see New Super Mario Bros. or Mario Kart DS discounted? Eh, let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

What do you think of the price drop, or the kind of awkward looking red borders on the cases? Will you be picking some of these games up now that they’re cheaper? Let us know in the comments section below.



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One Response to Nintendo’s Finally Done Ripping You Off

  1. Sean says:

    Well first off, I like the casings. Kinda reminds me of oldschool Nintendo Packaging…

    Now, I definitely agree with you about nintendo’s massive balls hanging off their duechey dick. Maybe if they reliably released an amount of good games that somewhat resembled any of their competitors offerings, the length of the high price tags on these great games wouldn’t have been so dick-of-a-move.

    And no, I will not be picking these up because I still don’t own a Wii. If Nintendo keeps this up, stops shafting it’s OG fans like us so often, and drops the price on the Wii again, ill most likely pick it up.

    P.S. They’re still asking money for Wii sports!? Not Sports Resort? That’s balls…

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