BAMF Spotlight: Izeovasis

Every week, Wrecked will be highlighting 2-3 bands playing the upcoming Bay Area Metal Festival. Check out Izeovasis, a crushing tech metal band from Livermore, CA.

For fans of: The Red Chord, Despised Icon, Ion Dissonance, Glass Casket, etc

The last time I saw Izeovasis perform live was more than a couple years ago, and man have they grown. I took my eyes of these guys for a second, only to be surprised to see how refined their music has become. If you’re a fan of technical metal, metalcore, or deathcore, you need to check these guys out. They’re based in Livermore, CA, and will be playing at the BAMF festival this year. These guys can shred your faces off with their technicality and then punch you in the gut with their devastating breakdowns. Izeovasis has everything an extreme metal fan could ask for: pummeling blast beats, a relentless vocal attack, some brutal chugging breakdowns and strong energy to do it all live. The musicianship in this band is impressive, and considering how young these guys are, I’m definitely looking forward to seeing where they are headed. Check out some of their stuff below…

Here’s “Because of Me,” from their new album Bound By Design:

Offical Bio: Izeovasis formed in 2007, starting off as a project with a different lineup (with Nick, Derek, Evan, and Jay being the only consistent members). They soon recorded their debut EP with (Zach Ohren) at Castle Ultimate Studios in June 2008. Through various changes they recruited guitar player Jamison from word of mouth, shows, and friends. They started writing tunes from scratch again in February 2009. After taking a little time off, they recorded their first new song “A Thousand Times More“ in May 2009. Since then they’ve played countless shows. Their new album Bound By Design is out now!

Check out a live clip of Izeovasis playing their song “A House Divided” below:

To get more info on Izeovasis, check out their official myspace page.

BAMF 2011 will be kicking your face in on July 16. Tickets are $15 pre sale ($20 at the doors) and are sure to sell out quickly, so buy your tickets today!



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