BAMF Spotlight: Dissipate

Every week, Wrecked will be highlighting 2-3 bands playing the upcoming Bay Area Metal Festival. We’re kicking this week off with Dissipate, an 8-string wielding, progressive death metal band from Livermore, CA.

For fans of Dying Fetus, Candiria, Sikth, Meshuggah, Massive Attack, Car Bomb, The Dillinger Escape Plan, etc.

Fun fact #1: I had my nose permanently broken while moshing to Dissipate back in 2006 when my old band played a show with them at Lucky’s Pizza in Dublin, CA.

Fun fact #2: Wrecked founder, Ivan Torres, was their vocalist at the time.

It’s nice to see that Dissipate is still around melting faces like candle wax. If you want to see a band that knows how to handle their shit live, then you need to check out Dissipate. This is technical death metal that is actually interesting, in my opinion. From their Into the Moat style vocals, to their unique blend of progressive, slightly math-y, and ferociously executed death metal, Dissipate is one of those bands that always breathes something fresh into an ever-growing more stale metal genre. That and they represent Livermore, which has been a breeding ground for some pretty sick acts over the last ten years. We’ve got some tunes and a music video for you after the jump…

Here’s the title track off 2009’s The Realization:

Offical Bio: Dissipate began as a vision in 1998, and later came together during the summer of 2005. They have since recorded and released 3 albums. Each and every member comes from a different musical background. This has helped to add to their diversity, with each member’s inspiration coming from a different source; gaining insight from other genres, which are not metal-oriented. All members are fully dedicated to the band and play an important role in writing their music. They are focused on challenging themselves and their audiences, as well as pushing the limits of their music.while continuing to focus on a modern approach to metal music. They choose to keep the music technical, while still keeping a groove and remaining comprehensible, whereas so many current acts are rehashing trends that predate their own existence. Dissipate is looking forward, pushing themselves and the boundaries of heavy music as we know it.

And a killer music video directed by Zach Voytas for the same song, “The Realization”:

Dissipate – The Realization

To get more info on Dissipate, check out the following sites. Also, keep an eye out for their upcoming album, entitled Life Death Rebirth, due out Summer 2011.

BAMF 2011 will be kicking your face in on July 16. Tickets are $15 pre sale ($20 at the doors) and are sure to sell out quickly, so buy your tickets today!



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