2011 NHL Playoffs: Round 3

2011 NHL Playoffs Conference Finals

The Conference Semifinals were INTENSE. We had two sweeps in the Eastern Conference: the Tampa Bay Lightning swept the Washington Capitals, and the Boston Bruins, with Tim Thomas’ god like performance, swept the Philadelphia Flyers. In the Western Conference, the Vancouver Canucks beat the Nashville Predators in 6, and the Sharks…oh boy, our Sharks. I love ’em, I have a ton of confidence in them, but damn do they make me nervous sometimes.

After the Sharks went up 3-0 in the series and we started to have wet dreams of sweeping one of our biggest rivals in the Conference Semifinals, Detroit started to heat up. It looked like they were too rested after sweeping the Coyotes and after 3 games they finally got their playoff legs back. Datsyuk seemed to perform magic with that damn puck like he always does, Zetterberg was an all-star like always, Cleary, Holmstrom, Filpula, pretty much their whole team of future Hall of Famers… I hate Detroit, but DAMN IT do I respect them. It all lead up to that incredible game 7. All eyes were on that game (Comcast reports that a record-breaking 180,000 homes in San Jose tuned in, and Detroit set its own record as well). We had an incredible start, ending the 1st period with a two goal lead, but I don’t think there was a Sharks fan on the planet that felt comfortable with that. Detroit Dominated the 2nd period, with Zetterberg scoring the only goal, but after Patrick Marleau’s 3rd period goal middle-finger to Detroit, doubting Sharks fans, and Jeremy Roenick, you knew the game was going to end in our favor, even after Datsyuk quickly responded with a goal of his own. They played like champs and managed to pull off the victory, eliminating Detroit for the second season in a row.

Sharks Win Game 7


This series will be incredible… I know, they all are, but let me finish. The Vancouver Canucks just barely beat the Chicago Blackhawks in the Conference Quarterfinals. After that, everyone is saying they exercised their demons, one of their announcers even said they “slayed the dragon”, which I thought was pretty funny, but two rounds later who are they going to be staring at? Antti Niemi. Maybe not wearing the same jersey, maybe not with the same guys in front of him, but he’s the same guy, and he’s on fire. They haven’t completely exercised the demon yet, and I’m betting the Canucks realize that. Watching our guys stack up with the Sedins, Kesler, Burrows, Luongo, is going to be awesome. I think their Defense is a little deeper, but our offense is deeper. I can’t wait. Shot of whiskey for every goal?

Now, there is no real point to these, but during and after game 7 against Detroit, we were thinking about a few things. Similarities, interesting tidbits of info, conversation starters, etc. Take them as you will:

  • San Jose is celebrating its 20th season.
  • Detroit has been in the playoffs for 20 straight seasons.
  • Vancouver is celebrating its 40th Season.
  • Vancouver had a 3-0 lead over Chicago in Round 1, Chicago forced game 7.
  • San Jose had a 3-0 lead over Detroit in Round 2, Detroit forced game 7.
  • Vancouver beat Nashville in six games in round 2.
  • San Jose beat LA in six games in round 1.

And can I just say, I can’t STAND the generic team cheer, “LETS GO”. It’s irritating and unoriginal. I know it’s easy and you can use it for any sport for nearly any team from Pee Wee to Pros, but that doesn’t change how irritating it is.

I love It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and how they inspired the Vancouver Green Men, but now I have to hate them for the next week or two. I wonder what they’ll come up with for the Sharks though. Teal Men?

Busty Teal women?

Douglas Murray would just punch through the glass and eat them.

Give us your thoughts, predictions, and opinions! Don’t be scared.

-Sean Moore


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