Hey, are you from the San Francisco Bay Area in California and are looking for a place to voice your opinion? Are you a good writer? Are you looking to make a name for yourself in the entertainment industry? Well, Wrecked is looking to expand, and to do that, we need more contributors. The small team of guys that put together this website can only do so much.

We’re looking for people that want to be a part of something big. Wrecked can be as successful as we make it, so we’re looking for someone who’s passionate and driven. Because of the small scale of the site, all contributions will be pro-bono for now, but as the site becomes more successful, that could change.

We’re looking for people that are opinionated in the field(s) of music, video games, movies, sports, comic books, or anything else that drives alternative culture. We’re looking for people who are honest and will call it like they see it. We need someone that’s experienced enough in the above areas that can write a cohesive, professional, accurate, and UNBIASED review (sorry, simply because you like something doesn’t mean it deserves a 5/5 score). We’ll expect you to contribute NO LESS than once a week.

So if you’re interested, shoot us an email at info@wreckedreviews.com with your name and treatment article’s title in the subject line. Treatment articles should be no longer than 1.5 pages. Pictures aren’t mandatory, but feel free to include them if you’d like (it will definitely help your case). Articles should be professional looking with no major spelling or grammatical errors. Also, please include a short bio about yourself including: where you’re from, phone number, email,  age, and any relevant work experience (relevant to the industries you intend to write about or relevant to writing itself). Any other relevant skills should be listed as well (i.e. photoshop experience, video/photography skills, equipment, etc). We’ll let you know if your style fits with the voice of our site. Feel free to include humor, this isn’t Time Magazine, we like to keep it loose and have a good time with our pieces.

So get writing, get emailing, and we hope to have you join our team at Wrecked!


About Ivan Torres
http://isles-band.com More Metal Than Colossus.


  1. Mrs.Mint says:

    DAMN….if i lived in california (i wishhhh…. rural mn is not my thaaang.) i would be all over this…. actually i would be too opinionated. People don’t call me a bitch for no reason i guess….hmmmm…

    well good luck, I hope u find someone that doesn’t suck, …… because if im not impressed… ….. ummmm i will probably tell them they suck.and they might cry.

    Feeling the pressure now? …. probably not….

  2. BERTO says:

    If i can get out I’ll help lol…I’ll write some shit up for ya guys…I actually have. But I’m too damn self-conscious about it lol.

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