BAMF Artist Spotlight: Hell Fire

Every week, Wrecked will be highlighting 2-3 bands playing the upcoming Bay Area Metal Festival. Check out Hell Fire from San Francisco, an awesome band that never turned their back the glory days of Maiden, tights and hair spray… except they don’t have tights or hairspray. 

For Fans of: Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, etc

I’m a sucker for harmonies, always have been, always will be. I also have a huge soft spot for Iron Maiden. So it’s safe to say that when I heard Hell Fire for the first time, I was pretty stoked. These guys bring the wrath like Maiden did in their heyday, but with the ferocity of modern day metal. With a singer that can belt like Dickinson and a pair of guitarists that intend on shredding your faces off, there’s not a whole lot to not like about these guys. They’ve got the triumphant sing-along choruses, and the driving riffs that just make you want to fight bad guys. That can’t be a bad thing. So dig out your trapper keepers, walkmen, and jean jackets — it’s time to get 80s quick, and Hell Fire intend on giving you a non-stop, one way ticket there. Check out these guys at the BAMF festival this July.

Check out some samples of their tunes below:

Formed in May of 2010 by lead guitarist Tony Campos, Hell Fire is a band influenced by the bay area thrash movement and the NWOBHM that came out in the late 70s. Writing songs with the speed of thrash, and the soaring vocals and twin guitar leads from the NWOBHM. Hell Fire has been playing numerous shows every month since forming and have been gaining momentum around the bay with every show!

To get more info about Hell Fire, head over to their official website or their facebook page.

Check out some live footage of the band, complete with the screams of legions of drunk girls.

Hell Fire – “Night Terror” Live at the 23 Club

BAMF 2011 will be kicking your face in on July 16. Tickets are $15 pre sale ($20 at the doors) and are sure to sell out quickly, so buy your tickets today!



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