Limp Bizkit’s in the House…But You’ll Stay in the Closet

Limp Bizkit

Before we get started ladies and gentlemen, I have an announcement to make:

I….was a big Limp Bizkit fan and honestly, still enjoy them.

I know, “gasp!” “No!” “Horror!” all come to mind as I anticipate the reactions of the people reading this; especially those who know me. But here I am, completely and totally admitting to you something I try to hide from others like a 7 year old trying to conceal that he pissed his pants on the field trip.

No amount of letter changing/Adam Sandler quoting can save you from this embarrassment.

In my defense, it was a different time — it was the late 90s/early 2000s and rap metal was still cool.  Linkin Park was telling me to shut up during a one sided conversation, Papa Roach was teaching me about how “broken home” rhymes with “all alone” and Korn was singing about meeting a new daddy at the park.  So when a band like Limp Bizkit came along, I ate them up. Not literally of course, bizkits are quite different from biscuits, but you get the idea.

Anyways, the natural enemy to all popular trends in music, time, finally caught up with Limp Bizkit and with the help of Fred Durst being one of the most easily hate-able people in the world, Limp Bizkit faded after the 2003 release of Results May Vary. They then briefly attempted to come back in 2005 with The Unquestionable Truth, an E.P. that was poorly promoted, sloppily written, and for the most part….a truly questionable career move.

See what I did there?

 And now, they’re taking another crack at it with Gold Cobra, a full length L.P. that takes them back to their more mainstream rap-rock roots.  In other words, that same style of music you used to roll your eyes at in the late 90s/early 00s? That’s what you’re getting on full blast.

On the surface of this effort is the notorious Fred Durst, hated for many things such as his penchant for looking like a douche, acting like a douche, and most importing…singing/rapping like a douche.  The song “Douchebag” could actually just be someone who hates Fred Durst, but sounds and writes lyrics like him telling him how much he hates and wants to hurt him: “douchebag!/Imma fuck you up/Imma fuck you up.”   Even more worrisome for the anti-douche crew; Fred Durst has gotten a hold of some Auto-Tune and isn’t even trying to hide the fact, dubbing one of his songs “Autotunage”.  The track takes us through a rollercoaster of Nu-Metal riffs combined with T-Pain lite vocals that are sure to make it into the stereo of some bro decked out in full “Famous” gear before he pulls up to his favorite bar for some Yager Bombs.

Pictured: Likely Limp Bizkit Fan

Of course to be fair, you can’t just sell millions of records without some substance and for all the bashing people have done to Limp Bizkit, there most certainly is some substance to be found.  Below Durst’s high pitched squealing, there is the important ground work laid down by John Otto, DJ Lethal, Sam Rivers, and probably most importantly Wes Borland, who’s guitar work makes him the best guy this side of Tom Morello to bring Rap-Metal back to respectability  popularity  a level of tolerance that allows us to stand it for at least longer than 2-3 years. Songs like “Shotgun” and “Gold Cobra” show simple yet aggressive chorus mixed with equally standard “rap-able” verses that allow Durst to get his own angry version of  “white and nerdy” across to the listener.

However, what really makes this album work is not that Limp Bizkit is back, it’s that they seem to not care at all about what anyone thinks of them.  Previous efforts such as the aforementioned The Unquestionable Truth saw the band attempt to expand and force a more embraceable style. You know, something you wouldn’t be embarrassed to play in your car.  The problem was the sound was exactly that: forced and really not their style.  This album marks not just a return to what they were more comfortable doing but also a new found “I don’t give a fuck” attitude that is heard in Durst’s lyrics.  Most noticeably in the song “Get a Life” whose content is more or less summed up in the title.

Pictured: Not what the song is about.

Which takes me back to the beginning, I am in fact a Limp Bizkit fan and I do enjoy this album. My personal rating is 4 stars and my hope is that more people will come out of the closet go with it as well.  That being said, I cannot, for the sake of this website’s reputation, give it anything above 1 star. My reason: most people aren’t going to get it; seeing as it’s not the turn of the century and we’re not far enough removed from the sound to get nostalgic about it.

But it’s in flower child font! It MUST be retro...

Still, I imagine this is how Durst and Co. want it and if they are truly honest about this non-caring attitude portrayed on the album then it might even work out for them.  Maybe one day I can go back on this site and give Limp Bizkit the full rating I feel they actually deserve and not worry about losing face.  I mean think about it, metal heads can embrace 1980s hair bands with women’s make up and poppy sometimes Boy band-esque lyrics and still find respect and appreciation from the peers.  Surely they can find some room in their heart for Limp Bizkit.


I mean come on…just stop for a minute and REALLY take a look at these guys and tell me Limp Bizkit has no place in metal…

-Kyle Stewart

This has been a guest contribution from Kyle Stewart of the East Bay, CA area. If you’d like to find out more about how to get your opinions on Wrecked, find out more here.

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One Response to Limp Bizkit’s in the House…But You’ll Stay in the Closet

  1. Sean says:

    I didn’t believe it when I saw the commercial for this album! Then I shit bricks when I found it on youtube!

    Definitely agree, solid “Limp Bizkit” album just like the originals. They were probably my favorite band in middleschool or whenever they were popular.

    I definitely like the backing songwriting (Mind-numbing repetitiveness aside), and i’d love to hear the band create some actual music rather than backing tracks. The first 10-20 seconds of each song are pretty intriguing, until they hit the “Stop Rec, Loop Playback” button and Let Freddy plainly blurt his “Message” through 4th grade vocabulary/metaphor.

    I’m with you though, glad to hear ’em again, and not trying to be “Not Limp Bizkit”. Even Vanilla Ice eventually learned to embrace what made his success!

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