BAMF Spotlight: Potential Threat

Every week, Wrecked will be highlighting bands playing the upcoming Bay Area Metal Festival. This week we introduce the hard-hitting Potential Threat from Redwood City, CA.

For fans of Metallica, Megadeth and Slayer

This band reminds of the glory days of metal before people argued about breakdowns, before people “danced” in “mosh pits” and before Hetfield quit drinking. This band has very solid, no-bull shit metal sound. Lots of heavy riffs, seamless transitions and the perfect sound for drinking whiskey straight from the bottle. Seriously, I’m writing this at 11:00am and I’m sitting here thinking a quick swig would be nice before this song ends.

Hailing from the San Francisco Bay Area, POTENTIAL THREAT SF carry the long-standing tradition of the in-your-face thrash the Bay Area is known for. Originally formed in 1986, they have played with everyone from Testament to Slayer to Cro-Mags to Nuclear Assault. Their hard working, no holds barred attitude carries over well to their live shows, putting every ounce of grit and determination into their set without sounding like angry old fucks. It’s just as easy for a band to get the audience involved in the show as it is to be pissed off and push them away. In short, they still have fun, regardless of how long they’ve been on the “scene”.

Recently returning from another European tour in support of the latest album, A New Threat Level, the band consists of Mike Noble on guitars/vocals, Kenny Noble on drums and Damien Sisson (also in Death Angel) on bass.

To find out more on Potential Threat, head over to their official Facebook or Myspace pages.

BAMF 2011 will be kicking your face in on July 16. Tickets are $15 pre sale ($20 at the doors) and are sure to sell out quickly, so buy your tickets today!

-Sean Moore


About Sean Moore
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