BAMF Spotlight: Desecrater

Every week, Wrecked will be highlighting bands playing the upcoming Bay Area Metal Festival. This week we present Desecrater from San Jose, CA.

For fans of Slayer, Death, Metallica, Megadeth, etc

If you like your metal with a constant barrage of double bass and shredding guitars, we’ve got the band for you. Desecrater hails from San Jose with no intention of slowing down or compromising their sound. Led by the bellowing low vocals of guitarist/vocalist Sid Frankosky, Desecrater seeks only to inspire circle pits and beer-fueled brawls. They’re as traditional to metal as you can get; there are no gimmicks or sing-along choruses in sight, just a pure relentless attack. Make sure to check these guys out at BAMF This July.

Desecrater is from San Jose, and has shared the stage with bands like Deicide, Forbidden and more recently Death Angel, and are currently hard at work on a full length album due out this year. Desecrater has been featured in compilations in Metal Edge magazine,and have done numerous interviews with Coffin Case, KSJS 90.5 favorite Mad Man, T.M.D., and Bay Area Rocks.

Check out an live vid & interview Desecrater did last year with Bay Area Rocks at the Tidal Wave Fest.

Desecrater – Wretched Existence

To get more info on Desecrater, head over to their official Myspace or Facebook page.

BAMF 2011 will be kicking your face in on July 16. Tickets are $15 pre sale ($20 at the doors) and are sure to sell out quickly, so buy your tickets today!


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  1. Ryan (FROM CHINA) says:

    When is this festival going to happen?

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