The Carnival’s Where the Magic Happens?

Something about that panda seems suspicious. It can't be trusted running a carnival.

Minigame collections come and go. Party games and generic multiplayer games are a dime a dozen, and to be honest, we pick them up every now and again keeping our fingers crossed that maybe this one’s different. Maybe Carnival Island is the game that revitalizes our hope in modern party games. Why? Because this deceivingly cute carnival clone comes to us from the hands of Magic Pixel Games, a relatively new studio formed by the guys behind the gravely under-appreciated Boom Blox, not to mention the game’s being published by Santa Monica Studios. Yeah, they put out God of War, and more recently, the PSN favorite, Fat Princess. Ever heard of them?

You might be wondering why we’re talking carnivals on a site like this, and I don’t blame you. The reason is simple: that fucking panda on the cover. Why is it wearing a tie and a bowler’s hat? What is the tie fixed to, is it tied around that gargantuan neck or is he skimping us with a clip-on? What on earth would it be clipped onto? What’s with that eerily ominous lighthouse looming over the carnival grounds? What kind of horrific medical experiments are being held up there? What does that mustachioed simpleton on the cover know that we don’t? Is that the panda’s right hand man? These and many more questions are just the tip of the iceberg as to what will be unveiled when this captivatingly mysterious panda — i mean, game — hits store shelves November 15th.

Don't take your eyes off this Panda, nothing is what it seems.

In all seriousness, Carnival Island supports 1-4 players with over 35 different minigames that will make you feel just like the last time you went to a carnival. This time, though, there’s no need to horde your obscenely overpriced ride tickets, dodge the leer of the creepy guy running the ferris wheel, or put up with the shenanigans of those damn carnies spraying Pam all over the bottles that you have to somehow toss a ring over. This time, though, you control everything with the precision of the Playstation Move, ensuring both you and your friends can get beat down by your mom’s uber-skills in Skee ball. Check out the trailer below to witness the maternal beat down yourself:



So here’s the thing: we’re going to review this game with the help of our executive editor Jack Daniels. So stay tuned, once our review copy comes in we’re going to paint this carnival red.

Official Press Release:

Carnival Island invites you to take a trip to a magic carnival and experience the joy of classic family-friendly fun with over 35 interactive carnival games and delightful attractions. In this new title hitting the stands on November 15th, players will use the PlayStation®Move controller’s precise tracking technology, with every toss, roll, throw, spin and slam translated directly into the game for the most accurate and responsive console gameplay to date. Carnival Island’s intuitive and natural game mechanics also lends itself to all ages and player types, making it perfect for holiday parties and get-togethers with friends!

With both an enchanting single-player mode and a fantastically fun party mode, Carnival Island can handle up to four players and one or two Move motion controllers.Players can also create their own cheering squad consisting of lovable pets throughout their experience as they complete challenges, and like any classic carnival, the game includes interactive fun house mirrors and photo cut-outs, and also allows players to upload snapshots of their experiences and share them with their PlayStation®Network friends.

As the debut title of the recently established studio Magic Pixel Games (led by award-winning veterans from many high profile console game companies- such as THQ, Electronic Arts and Activision- and whose core members previously developed the acclaimed title Boom Blox) this new developing team illustrates their commitment to “finding the fun” in Carnival Island for the PlayStation®Move. Published by Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC (SCEA), players will get their chance to join in on the fun when Carnival Island makes its exciting debut on November 15th.



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