What’s Your Morning Commute Like?

A friend of mine posted this video the other day and it blew my fucking mind. So many of us complain about our commutes to work be it drive time, traffic or whatever it may be. Am I going to make my BART train in time? IF I get on there in time, will there be a seat available so I can sit and kill time playing my DS or smartphone game so the ride doesn’t suck? Who knows!? Imagine this climb being your morning commute every morning.


These men are workers climbing a 1768 foot tall Guided Tower, used in broadcasting, cellphones etc. Aside from clipping in to take a couple short breaks these men free climb the top of this tower to work on its components. I’m sure this would be exhilarating to some, FUCKING TERRIFYING to others, but I bet risking death at work everyday makes you appreciate your weekends a bit more. I work a job  interacting with kids, if I mess up at work, a kid loses a turn or a parent may get upset. If these guys fuck up or just accidentally take a wrong step or lose their grip, they’re getting scraped off the pavement.



About Sean Moore
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One Response to What’s Your Morning Commute Like?

  1. Fernando Landaverde says:

    And I freak out about having to climb like 10 feet in the air and sit on the edge of a tanker truck.

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