Let’s Talk the Block.

If you liked "Shaun of the Dead", you HAVE to check this out. The only way I can describe it is "The Goonies" meets "Gremlins" meets Ali G.

I consider myself to be pretty gangster. I know a handful of awesomely gangster sayings and hip slang, and even own a t-shirt proclaiming how gangster I indeed am. Close friends of mine would attest to how truly gangster I’m capable of being. That being said, nothing could have prepared me for how gangster a group of inner-city kids from London could be. Not even all the hours of Ali G I’ve watched in my time.

Over the summer, I caught wind that a small studio (which includes a few of the great minds behind “Shaun of the Dead”) was putting out a new action-comedy about an alien invasion called “Attack the Block.” My interest was further piqued by the unusually high ratings I found on Rotten Tomatoes, and before I knew it, I was hunting down showtimes and more information about the movie’s über-limited release (there was only one theater playing the movie in the Bay Area at the time).

“Attack the Block” is about a group of inner-city kids that stumble across the beginnings of an alien invasion in their hood. The cold and stone-faced Moses leads a quirky group of thugs: Biggz, Dennis, Jerome, and my favorite, Pest. This is not a very likable group at first glance, however; they appear to be nothing more than cold, hardened thugs. In the film’s opening scene,  they pull a knife on a woman walking home on a dark street — not the best way to tug at my heartstrings.

The writers do a remarkable job of developing these characters, and you really grow to love each one of these kids as their childish quirks begin to emerge. This isn’t your typical group of heroes; they ride around on an assortment of bikes and scooters, they carry around an arsenal of firecrackers and decorative swords, they have to ask their parents for permission to go out, and they even have limited amounts of texts and talk time on their cell phones.


The trouble begins when an alien meteor comes crashing down from the sky, completely devastating the car it lands in. An alien attacks Moses, and instead of running away, the gang decides to hunt the creature down. It scampers off, and after a brief struggle, Moses comes out with the beast on a stake. The kids yell and cheer, and one of the kids even says he wants to “catch ‘em all” as more alien meteors come raining down. What the kids don’t realize is that the aliens that follow will not be taken down so easily, as they’ve brought an army vast in numbers.

The adventure that ensues is a uniquely crafted thrill ride that’s got equal doses of action and comedy – very, very British comedy. Fans of “Shaun of the Dead,” “Hot Fuzz,” the Monty Python series, or any other noteworthy English comedy experience shouldn’t have any trouble getting the humor, but if you’re not one that’s delved too deeply into British humor, you may have trouble understanding the heavy English accents and the dry jokes.

dennis, jerome, moses, pest, biggz

Coolest fucking kids ever. Trust.

Fear not my friends; you shouldn’t let that disclaimer keep you from enjoying this kick ass movie. This is definitely the most fun I’ve had watching an action movie in a while. Halfway through the movie you’ll already have a favorite character and you won’t be able to stop yourself from quoting all the new lingo you’ve picked up. Believe, bruv. Did I mention that the movie sports the acting debuts of most of the cast’s kids? Holy shit, you might find yourself saying, “These kids are awesome!”

Considering that it was a very small studio that put this out, take my word for it and just pick up the movie and go tell some friends about it. “Attack the Block”’s charm will spread like wildfire amongst your circle of friends. Allow it.


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3 Responses to Let’s Talk the Block.

  1. Brendan N. says:

    Bla! Bla! haha great review! I love this movie, first I thought all these kids were hella cocky and shit but turned out to be cool haha

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