For The Hundredth Time

For fans of: It Prevails, Counterparts, Saints Never Surrender, Life in Your Way, Shai Hulud

From Myrtle Beach, SC comes Hundredth, a melodic hardcore band whose roots can be firmly traced to the punk/ hardcore genres. Their second full length, Let Go, shows tremendous growth from their previous release. When Will We Surrender was a solid album, but felt fragmented at times. Hundredth have rectified the mistakes of their past, and delivered a very cohesive record. It never feels forced or contrived.

This emphasis on cohesion actually starts from the very beginning. The intro “Let Go” has a similar picking/chord pattern to the beginning of the last song “Hurt” (a cover of Johnny Cash version of the Nine Inch Nails song – DOUBLE COVER!). The album ebbs and flows through a variety of musical and vocal styles. You’ll hear traditional hardcore breakdowns, epic buildups, as well as punky uptempo parts.

I’m just gonna throw the JC version up here because it’s awesome. Seriously, I shed a tear.

The vocals are a highlight of this album. I usually find gang vocals to be cheesy and unnecessary, but they work on this album. They add to “epic” moments that the band builds. The clean singing is well done and like everything else in this album, is very well implemented. The guitars are almost always playing some kind of melody, so when the clean vocals are introduced it never feels abrupt or forced.  Vocalist Chad Johnson’s yelling is for the most part intelligible. Surprisingly, songs have new meaning when you can actually understand what the vocalist is saying. The “rough” vocals manage to even border on catchy. Check out “Remain & Sustain”

This song perfectly showcases all the different things that the band brings to the table. It’s actually my favorite song, and it always grabs my attention whenever I listen to the album. Also, the Sandlot theme is awesome.

There’s a sense of harmony throughout the album, and it’s the little touches that really make it stand out.  It’s the way in “Weathered Town” that the guitars melodically echo Chad’s shouting of the word “memories,” and later in the song (1:44) when during a breakdown the guitars play a quick little arpeggio to break up the monotony. It’s the way that the the guitars chug along to the pummeling double bass in “Live Today.” You really get a sense that the band put time and thought into the creation of this album.

If you’re a fan of melodic bands or melodic hardcore (I am), you’ll find there’s a lot to like about this record. There are quite a few bands that play this style, but I find Hundredth to now be amongst my very favorite.

Standout tracks:

“Weathered Town”

“Remain & Sustain”

“Carry On”

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