DEAD ON ARRIVAL: What happened to you Metallica? You used to be cool.

This Dead on Arrival is a little different, normally done about an album, game or movie. This time, about four concerts that haven’t even happened yet. Say whaaaat?!

Metallica’s 30th anniversary is this year, and to celebrate they will be playing four shows December 5th, 7th, 9th and 10th at the Fillmore for $6 a show or $19.81(get it?) for all four. Really? One of the biggest metal bands of all time, playing shows at a historic intimate venue and I don’t have to max out my credit card? Sounds pretty fucking awesome! Wait…What’s the catch?

Well, the catch is that you first have to be a part of Metallicas fan club (MetClub – a minimum $45 a year), THEN you have to enter a lottery to even have the chance of purchasing tickets.

Seriously? Fuck that! So to celebrate 30 years of ridiculous success, you’re going to play four shows to a limited amount of people who are PAYING to be an official fan and you can’t even guarantee all of them will get to see you play?! Now don’t me wrong here, I’m a huge Metallica fan and I have been for years (and somehow I probably will be for years to come) and I have no doubt these shows will be nothing short of incredible, but how about to show your fan appreciation you play a concert at a large venue for a lower price so the other millions of people that don’t want (or can’t afford) to pay $45 a year to suckle your teet can get a chance to see you play. Or maybe a real Metallica tour where we don’t have to sit through a bunch bands we don’t care about to wait for you. Get off your pedestal….I’d appreciate that.

Do you disagree? Let me know what you think.


Lol, hilarious

Interesting side note: Metallica’s loyal, appreciative fan base are selling tickets on Craigslist for upwards of $3,000 per ticket.

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2 Responses to DEAD ON ARRIVAL: What happened to you Metallica? You used to be cool.

  1. Sean Moore says:

    Anyone remember the rumor of Metallica suing a Canadian band for using the E and F chords…not true but that shit was pretty funny

  2. Justin Mutch says:

    That’s a douche move by Metallica. May their balls be kicked in the most painful ways.

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