Honey Badger: “DILLIGAF?”

Everyone’s seen that awesome honey badger video right? Well our pal Jimmy Ma has come up with the first of many drawings that demonstrate just how much of a bad ass the almighty honey badger really is. I mean, let’s be honest, does he look like he gives a fuck?

Click the jump to see the whole picture.


-Original drawing by Jimmy Ma, San Jose, CA

For those that haven’t seen the video that inspired this series, here it is. This thing epitomizes the word BAD ASS.


Do you have some original art you want featured on our site? Send an email to info@wreckedreviews.com and let us know! We’re looking for more sources for original art and/or comic strips!



About Wrecked Reviews
Wrecked is a newly founded group based out of the San Francisco Bay Area in California. We’re a collective of just regular doodes who want to write about the stuff that keeps us entertained: beer, metal, video games, sports, gadgets, local businesses, and other things that are awesome! No one’s buying out our reviews (yet), and we have no obligation to be polite to anyone. Our articles are honest and written by regular doodes like you.

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