Jeb Corliss’ Life Is Cooler Than Yours

Hey Ladies

Even though I don’t own one and don’t really do anything (sadly) making it worth having, I have LOVED the GoPro video camera since they came out, simply because it gives us videos like this.


Jeb Corliss lives more in under a couple minutes than most of do in about 10 lifetimes. He uses a wingsuit to be a total bad-ass and glide along mountain faces, sometimes being within mere feet of hitting rocks, cliffs or in this video, people. Simply breathtaking.

Check out more about Jeb Corliss here.


About Sean Moore
Senior Editor, Photographer at Wrecked Reviews

2 Responses to Jeb Corliss’ Life Is Cooler Than Yours

  1. bionicazn says:

    I actually have the gopro and mounted on my helmet, did some gokarting with it haha. can’t wait to do more shit with it! here’s the video my brother edited haha

    • Sean Moore says:

      Sweet Mario Kart video dude. But seriously, cool video man, yeah that GoPro camera is awesome, I’m pretty much looking for an excuse to get one. Feel free to send us any other videos you make, we’d love to see them.

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