ATDI Are Back Together!

If you haven’t heard already, the internet is abuzz with the news that At the Drive-In have reformed. The message on their official website reads: “This Station Is…Now…Operational. ” This obviously is a reference to a posthumous compilation they released titled This Station is Non-Operational, as well as lyrics from their song “One Armed Scissor.”

I, for one, am ecstatic about the reunion because I consider them to be one of the first bands I listened to that actually made good (and unique) music; music that I’m proud to say that I enjoy to this day. They broke up in 2001, and the divide was clear for all to see. The “fros,” Cedric Bixler and Omar Rodriguez-Lopez, went on to form the The Mars Volta, while the remaining members went on to form Sparta. The difference in ideologies was apparent. You could literally hear ATDI’s sound split in two: The Mars Volta took the experimentation and edge with them while Sparta took the hooks and accessibility. I was in the Sparta camp early on, but over time it became apparent that there wasn’t much of a fire there. Plain and simple, Sparta’s music became boring over time. On the other hand, I could never really get into The Mars Volta, either. My friends liked them, and they really seemed like a band I would like, but I just couldn’t get into them. I think it’s funny, too, how bassist Paul gradually shifted into The Mars Volta camp (he officially joined in 2005).

I firmly believe that neither The Mars Volta nor Sparta ever reached heights that ATDI did, so I’m really excited to see what they can come up with now. Hopefully there’s new music in store, and not just a few “reunion shows.”

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