Resident Evil: Revelations Demo Hits the eShop Today (New Resident Evil 6 Trailers!)


According to Capcom’s official press statement this morning, the demo for the highly-anticipated Resident Evil: Revelations has hit Nintendo’s eShop today. You need to check this out.


The game isn’t due out until February 7th, and I can’t wait. I was very impressed by both the visuals and the atmosphere during my hands-on at last year’s E3. Though the perspective and control schemes resemble those used in later entries in the series, the gameplay very much felt like the Resident Evil’s of yesteryear. Things were very quiet, enemies were slow-moving and creepy as shit, and there were, of course, a few cool puzzles sprinkled in.

Resident Evil: Revelations will support the Circle Pad Pro extension and I’m sure it will play 9,000 times better with it. But, we won’t be able to take advantage of that until the accessory hits store shelves on the game’s release date, February 7th.

Let us know your thoughts after you fire up the demo!

UPDATE: In related news, IGN has reported a leaked confirmation of Resident Evil 6, allegedly due out November 20, 2012 for the Xbox360 & PS3. You can check out their story here:

UPDATE 2: You can check out the new Resident Evil 6 trailer here:

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One Response to Resident Evil: Revelations Demo Hits the eShop Today (New Resident Evil 6 Trailers!)

  1. All i goto say that the Resident evil revelations demo was excellent, i am looking forward to the full game. Its nice to see that we get alot of resident evil games coming out this year. I will definitely check them all out. As for the circle pad thing, i hope it does improve gamepay controls on resident evil revelations an all future games for the 3ds although it does look wierd.

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