I’ve Always Wanted to Be Part of the Mafia.

Food trucks are a thing of beauty. They really are. They’re even more beautiful when they’re all gathered in one place for your gluttonous enjoyment. Can something so glorious truly exist? Yes, and it’s happening right in your own back yard.

Let me introduce you to a collective that calls themselves the Food Truck Mafia, a group of local food vendors that travel all around the bay all day, just to come together almost every night for one of the Bay Area’s best kept secrets. Though the trucks vary every week, the chance of eating something delicious is constant, so we headed to Union City last Thursday night to revel in these mobile menus.

That night we were treated to the collective trucks of Grill Stars, The Wow Truck, That’s Sweet Dessert Truck, Twister Truck, Big Shrimpin’, and off on its own was the (apparently) anti-social Mogo’s. It’s always a nightmare trying to decide on just one thing, so it’s best to join up with a group of friends so you can sample a bunch of these awesome trucks’ food all at once, and make fun of the guy who gets his food last (that was me this time). Since I had already tried Grill Stars and Mogo’s in prior visits, this time I decided to go with some mexican food at the Twister Truck.

Twister Truck’s whole deal is that they’re providing mexican food with a twist: the twisted cones they serve burritos in. I ordered the San Diego Style Burrito,  filled with black beans, french fries, cheddar jack cheese, pico de gallo, avocado sauce, and a choice of steak, chicken or pork — I opted for chicken. I was thrilled that I was about to eat so many delicious things in one twisty flour cone, but to my dismay, I had failed to realize that only their signature Twister Burrito Cone is actually served that way. Needless to say, I was pretty bummed. The burrito was good in its own right, but the whole reason I had picked that truck in the first place was to experience this ‘twist’ they had promised. It’d be nice if you had the option of selecting regular or twisted with any of their burritos.

Behold the Twister Burrito Cone.

A friend of mine had chosen Grill Stars for his meal this night, a choice I’d very strongly recommend making if you haven’t had their delicious sandwich/burger hybrids or other traditional BBQ dishes before. I’ve had the luxury of experiencing their french-fry-stuffed burgers in my time, and even though it was one of the messiest sandwiches I’ve had (the lack of tables at these kind of things hardly helps), it was very much worth the fight.

Now I’m not sure why the uber-popular Korean BBQ truck, Mogo’s, was off on its own (well over 100 feet from all the other trucks), but there was still a surprising number of people who had walked off from the pack just to have some Mogo’s, and I can’t necessarily blame them. Mogo’s probably has the highest reputation of all the trucks there, and can attract quite a line on its own. Even still, I’m very curious as to why they wouldn’t join ranks with the other trucks.

I’m not too much of a sweets kind of guy, myself, but if you are, and you have a never-ending love of cupcakes, you definitely want to check out the That’s Sweet truck, which, along with Grill Stars and Mogo’s, has been there every time. These cupcakes go fast, though, so if you’re hankering for a red velvet cupcake, or the ultra-mysterious Maple Bacon cupcake, grab them quick.

Texas Cheese Steak from Grill Stars (drool...)

I didn’t get a chance to try either the Wow truck or Big Shrimpin’, but I’m sure I’ll get to that on a future vist. If you live anywhere in the East Bay, go “Like” the Food Truck Mafia on Facebook, or go follow them on Twitter. Because these guys are always on the move, this is the best way to find out where they’ll be. The Food Truck Mafia has been known to gather in Union City, Newark, Milpitas, Pleasanton, and Livermore during the week, so check out their pages to find out when they’ll be in your neck of the woods.

Have you been to any of the Food Truck Mafia gatherings? Which truck is your favorite there? Is there another food truck you know of that tops these? Let us know about it in the comments section below.


Follow the trucks on Twitter:

Food Truck Mafa: @rollwiththemob

Grill Stars: @GrillStars

Mogo BBQ: @MoGoBBQ

Wow Truck: @TheWOWTruck

Twister Truck: @TwisterTruck

That’s Sweet: @ThatsSweetTruck

Bigg Shrimp’n: @BiggShrimpn

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