I Was Stabbed by Sweet Tooth and All I Got Were These Stupid Pictures!

Living in the Bay Area is pretty nice.  We’re very close to three major cities, meaning there is ALWAYS some sort of event going on at any given time.  You can also make the case that the Bay is the Mecca of video games.  With such studios as Sony Computer Entertainment America, Visceral Games, 2K Marin, and Capcom (to name a few) taking residence here, you can pretty much guarantee that there will be some awesome events put on by these companies.  One such event took place on February 2nd, and was put on by Sony.  It was a public and media party/tournament for the highly anticipated reboot of the bestselling car-combat franchise Twisted Metal.  I’ve been a fan of the series since I was a young lad, so you bet your ass I went.  It was a ton of fun, and it only made me want the game even more.


I went with three friends, one of whom is Rasveer, a fellow Wrecked operative who served as the event’s photographer.  We arrived two hours before the doors opened, so we waited.  And waited.  About a half hour passed, and none other than the legend himself, David Jaffe casually walked up to the crowd and began talking to us and thanking us for coming.  For those who don’t know, David Jaffe is an icon among the gaming world.  He created Twisted Metal AND God of War.  I shook his hand, and immediately felt honored.  Also a little embarrassed because my hand was in my pocket, which made it a bit clammy.  He didn’t seem to mind, and he continued down the line, high-fiving and talking to people.  One fan painted a beautiful portrait of Doll Face holding a machine gun, and she gave it to him.  He was quite impressed, perhaps even humbled by the artwork that he had just been given for free.  After a brief “Holy shit this is amazing,” he made his way inside while we continued to wait, desperately wanting some drinks.

"I'm putting this on my wall, next to the 6,000 other fan art pieces I've received."

Not long after, a scraggly-looking man approached the line and started asking for spare change.  We began to consider taking a picture of him and sending it to Hipster or Homeless, because we couldn’t figure out which he was.  Luckily he answered our question when he came moseying up to me.  “Hey bro,” he mumbled.  “Can I get some spare change for a Pabst?”  The four of us held our tongues, and it took nearly everything I had to keep from laughing my balls off.  We gave him some change and let him go on his way.  Never in my life have I seen a homeless hipster until that moment.  The doors finally opened soon afterwards, and we were greeted by a woman who gave us two drink tickets, a raffle ticket and a Twisted Metal swag bag.  You can guess where we went first.  The bartender made fun of me when I ordered a gin on the rocks, saying that I seem a bit young to be drinking such a formidable beverage.  I told her to die.  She didn’t.  After visiting the bar, we made our way to the vacant TV’s that were waiting for us to start playing the game.  The controls were almost exactly the same as the previous games, so most of us had no problem getting right down to the mayhem.  The gameplay is virtually the same, which is great.  The graphics are absolutely stunning – something you should come to expect from Sony.  I only played a few rounds and didn’t participate in the tournament, so I can’t offer much insight on the game other than “it looks awesome.”

Not long afterwards, the lights went down and the voice of Sweet Tooth came bellowing from the speakers.  It greeted us with a demonic laugh, followed by his famous tagline “SHUT UP AND BLEED, YOU MOTHERFUCKERS!”  Then Sweet Tooth himself and his damaged counterpart Doll Face appeared on the stage.  The event’s host joined them and made some announcements, blah blah blah boringness, then David Jaffe appeared and began talking about the game.  After that, the tournament began.  We ordered more drinks, and saw Sweet Tooth and Doll Face just standing around, looking bored.  We decided to get pictures with them.  It didn’t turn out as planned.

Don't worry, I made a full recovery.

We got pictures with Doll Face as well, and she was much less stabby.  However the two of them liked us, we even convinced Sweet Tooth to play the game.

For the main character of a game, he didn't do too well.

After even more drinks, we were waiting for the tournament to end so they could start the raffle.  We saw David Jaffe walking around, and we even got a picture with him.  Again, he was kind enough not to stab me.

I was bleeding all over him.

Soon after, the tournament ended.  The winner received a copy of Twisted Metal, along with a special PS3 laser-etched with Sweet Tooth’s face, and it was also signed my David Jaffe.  Lucky prick.  Afterwards, the raffle began.  People won copies of the game, Sony gear and some signed artwork from the game.  Lucky pricks.  And as soon as it began, the event ended.  It was a ton of fun, I’m glad we got the chance to check it out.  I give a ton of respect to Sony for putting so much of work into this massive party, and to all the people who helped them.  I also feel a bit honored that Sweet Tooth stabbed me.  Like I said, this event only made me want the game even more.  It hits stores on Valentine’s Day, so be sure to check it out.

Rasveer took many more pictures, so check out our Facebook page to see more.


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