[Heart]Breaking News: Fallujah Cancels Tour with Hate Eternal


They all need a hug. And a beer.

This is a truly unfortunate story.  What’s even more unfortunate is that it happens all the time during these unforgiving winter months.

 Picture this: a talented, up-and-coming metal band just releases a stellar album.  They want to promote their effort by touring with two of metal’s finest bands, Hate Eternal and Goatwhore.  After playing their shows on the West Coast, they make their way through Wyoming on I-80, most likely seeing farmers getting frisky with their livestock along the way.  Then suddenly, their van spins out of control and wrecks, taking the trailer full of gear with it.  They emerge from the wreckage without any serious injuries, but their van is obliterated.  Was it careless driving?  No, they were driving only 30 mph.  Was it a problem with the van?  Nope.  It was black ice.  The stretch of highway they were on is infamous for causing car crashes this time of year.  Intronaut/Bereft guitarist Sacha Dunable posted a blog on MetalSucks about this exact same road, and why you should never take it.  Pouring salt on the road isn’t enough to quench its insatiable thirst for blood.

"FEED ME YOUR CHILDREN!!" -Interstate 80

The important thing is that they’re not seriously injured, since many others haven’t been so lucky.  However that doesn’t mean that everything is good and dandy.  These guys just lost their only mode of transportation, and most likely lost quite a bit of their gear.  For a working-class band like Fallujah, replacing these things isn’t done with the wave of a magic wand.  It’s because of this that they had to cancel the remainder of their tour, which equates to even more lost money.  So how are these guys going to get though this mess?  Well, desperate times call for desperate measures.  On their Facebook account, Fallujah has asked for donations via PayPal, and also linked fans to VIP Merch to buy merchandise, in hopes of generating some funds.  Click on either of the two links if you want to help out.

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