Casket of Cassandra Debut New Single, “Breathless”

Longtime readers of Wrecked or Bay Area locals should be familiar with Casket of Cassandra. In case you need a reminder, Casket of Cassandra, the female-fronted metalcore outfit from Concord, was featured on our site when they played the Bay Area Metal Fest last summer, put on by our good buddies in Nemesis Records. Well, we take our eyes off these guys for a minute, and Nemesis ends up signing Casket of Cassandra behind our backs. Where’s our record deal, Nemesis? Whatever, any music we’d put together would just be too progressive and too ahead of its time. It’s cool.

Anyway, Nemesis has agreed to let us stream Casket of Cassandra’s new single exclusively on Wrecked for a short period of time. Check it out after the jump.

[audio|animation=no||artists=Casket of Cassandra|titles=Breathless]

“Breathless” is the first single released from the upcoming debut album, Embracing the Void, due out this June. The band is expected to support the album with some tour dates after the release. We’ll let you know about those details as they arise. Already you can hear a huge sense of maturity that’s developed in Casket’s songwriting since their last release, and it sounds like the production value on this album is a huge step up as well.

Dig what you heard? Well, it only gets better. “Breathless” will be available as a FREE DOWNLOAD on Nemesis Records’ website starting Saturday, March 10th. Make sure you remember to head over that way to get it while it’s hot.

Check out their official music video for “To Fear One’s Self” from the 2009 EP, The Makings of a False Truth.



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