OFWGKTA: Loiter Squad

It appears that winning a few MTV awards, becoming the most iconic young rap group of their generation, and being the most vulgar group allowed to rap on television wasn’t enough for leader and frontman Tyler the Creator. Now they have a television show on Adult Swim.


The group recently released their new album “OF Vol.2,” but it looks like they had more planned then just making music. Fans of the rap group probably aren’t surprised with the release of their new television show due to the number of hilarious videos OFWGKTA post on their Youtube channel. From what I’ve seen, they’ll fit right in with the rest of the insane Adult Swim lineup.

The show premieres tonight at 11:30pm, pst.

3 Responses to OFWGKTA: Loiter Squad

  1. Arthur Bellamy says:

    I was the chubby lady hiding in the bushes…

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