God Of War 4????

On Wednesday, April 11th, PlayStation mysteriously changed their Facebook cover photo to this enigmatic image.  For those of you who can’t read (which is hopefully none of you, otherwise what are you doing on this site?), it says is big beautiful letters “Will Vengeance Bring Redemption? 04.19.12”  Rumors have been flying left and right about what it might represent, and about 90% of said rumors are pointing to God Of War 4. Why?  Well, if you’re familiar with Sony’s crowning franchise, you’d see the similarities.  Firstly, vengeance is what the God Of War trilogy centers around.  At the end of the third game, Kratos (the protagonist) finally gets his revenge he so desperately desires.  Secondly, it mentions redemption, which, if you played all three GOW games, you’d know is something that Kratos needs.

Anyone want to arm wrestle?

If that’s not enough to convince you, take a look at the font they chose to use.  It looks pretty similar to what is used for the God Of War games.  And finally, the golden-brown color scheme has been a mainstay in the franchise since its inception on the PS2.  To top it off, Sony’s reality TV show The Tester just finished its third season, and the winner was hired as a QA tester for “Sony Santa Monica’s next big blockbuster.”  Interesting.  Sony Santa Monica is the studio that made (you guessed it) God Of War.

Don’t take this as an official announcement for God Of War 4, nothing is concrete yet.  Hell, for all we know, this could end up being a teaser for the next MotorStorm game.  But all evidence points to Kratos’ next adventure, and if the rumors are true, this is a HUGE deal.  We’ll find out on Thursday next week what it all means.  Until then, we can only drive ourselves crazy with anticipation.

What do you think it represents?  Begin the arguments in the comments section below!

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Writer and Editor at Wrecked Reviews. Metal enthusiast, video game lover, purveyor of dick jokes.

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