God Of War Ascension Announced

So maybe it was just wishful thinking that led us to believe Playstation was about to announce God Of War 4.  I was looking forward to seeing the next chapter in Kratos’ life, after the chaotic ending of the third game.  But it turns out we’ll never know what happens.  The teaser that Playstation put up on their Facebook page was in fact advertising a new God Of War game, but SURPRISE, it’s another prequel.  It’s safe to say that Sony has abandoned all hope for creating a fourth game.  However, this prequel is not going to be on the PSP or the PS Vita, like the other two prequels in the franchise.  It’s coming to PS3, giving Sony Santa Monica another chance to show how ridiculously amazing they are at making games.


The announcement trailer is pretty straight-forward.  It shows Kratos being tormented (metaphorically) by all the bad shit that he’s done throughout his life.  As always, the trailer is narrated by Gaia, the Earth mother.  She mentions that before Kratos became the God of War, and before he became known as the “Ghost of Sparta,” he was just a man.  Those of you played the first game know that Kratos was a Spartan General before the proverbial shit hit the fan.  Along with that, it shows Kratos with his signature weapons in the franchise, the Blades of Chaos.  This might mean that we’ll see his transformation from an Army General into the Ghost of Sparta.  It’s all very vague, but that’s point of teaser trailers, right?

I’m a bit disappointed that this is another prequel, but I’m happy that it’s coming to PS3 for once.  Since it’s being made by the same geniuses who worked on the other games, I know it’s going to be amazing.  No release date has been given, so stay tuned for more news regarding God Of War Ascension.

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