Dredg Tries to Make You Chuckle

Dredg - Chuckles and Mr. Squeezy

From the moment I heard the title for Dredg’s new album, Chuckles and Mr. Squeezy, I knew it would be a bit different. Little did I imagine that it would not just be a little different, but the type of different where helmets are mandatory and you get to ride the short bus to school.

Dredg has a track record of taking “creative gambles” with their albums. From the Nu-Metal sounds of their Orph EP beginnings to the pop-tastic Catch Without Arms, they have shown a drive to never be contained by one genre. That being said, not ever gamble can pay off. Just like ripping a fart an hour after eating some bomb chinese food, you run the risk of that “oh shit!” moment. The real question is, did Dredg shit their pants on this one?

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Why Single Player Matters (An FPS Rant)

Quality single player content in first-person shooters is a dying art.

It’s all about the multiplayer experience these days, which I can understand. Thanks to the same amazing internet technology that allows me to stream porn at 60 titties per second, I’m able to trade bullets (and colorful insults) with some 13-year-old in Georgia. However, it seems that developers are placing too much emphasis on this aspect of game playing, and we’re usually stuck with a fucktarded single player campaign attached to an excellent multiplayer game.

Quite frankly, I’m sick of it.

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I Hate Protest The Hero Live

Protest the Hero live at Slims SF

I really do…

This hate does not spawn from anger because one of the members killed my cat or stole my girlfriend, but rather because this band showed me that I have a long way to go before I can write and perform music of this caliber. Needless to say, I went home the next day and feverishly practiced scales for the first time in months, maybe even years.

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Is This Homefront Worth Defending?

Homefront Cover THQ

Let me paint a picture for you:

-Dramatic music-

It’s 2027…. The world is changing… A weakened United States, struggling with a crumbling economy compounded by social unrest and crippling fuel shortages… A united and powerful Korea is rapidly consolidating its empire across the Pacific with swift military action…

-Dramatic pause-

And we are next….


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All Good Junkies Go To a Glassjaw Show (And Get a Free Coloring Book!)

Post-Hardcore outfit Glassjaw rolled through the SF last weekend to lay some sonic destruction on the Regency Ballroom and support their newest release Coloring Book. Yours truly just happened to be there with one thing on my mind: I had to finally discover if one of my favorite bands could hold their weight live. In the back of my mind, I was very worried that this show may be a deathblow for my Glassjaw obsession. Despite all the pieces there for this show to bring nothing but SUCK, I ended up leaving with an even bigger music boner for this New York foursome.

All of my fears about this show can be justified when you look at the history of Glassjaw, spanning from the bands inception in ’93 until now. Line up changes, the shift from a 5 piece to a 4 piece, years of waiting for a follow up to 2002’s Worship and Tribute, and a full band hiatus from ’02 to ’08 are all factors working against the band. Despite all of these facts, however, Glassjaw still holds it down like a champ live.

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