Have A First, But Don’t Make It Your Last

In my time, I’ve had my fair share of drinks and I’ve been to a good number of bars. With each outing I would visit a different bar, trying out new beers and taking in the atmosphere, but I’d yet to find a place close to the type of bar I’d always dreamed of as a child. These days, bars are adorned with 15 flat screen plasma televisions that play every ESPN channel in every language. I would have my fun, but I always hoped that I’d someday find a bar with charm and a little grit. Somewhere that had old-timers drinking their whiskeys straight up, telling tales of their time on the seas, singing drinking songs and getting into the occasional bar fight. So another night came where drinks were expected to flow, but this time I decided to find somewhere new to enjoy. After some searching of the downtown area of Oakland, I found Heinold’s First and Last Chance Saloon. I gathered some friends and set out for the night.

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This meal is more than meets the eye. I'll give you a hint: it's booze.

Breakfast rules. But how often do you really have time to make some? Well, only if something sounds delicious enough, do you actually make a conscious effort to make time for it. If you’ve ever been on the internet, you’ve probably noticed the Epic Meal Time videos, specifically, their breakfast video. Getting drunk off pancakes? Yes, please. You get the gist of how to make stuff from the video, but here’s some detailed instructions on how to achieve that level of morning glory. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love getting whiskey’d and beer’d at 9 in the morning?

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day From Wrecked!

We here at Wrecked Reviews want to wish you all a very happy, and drunken, National Americans Continue The Perpetuation Of An Irish Stereotype Day St. Patrick’s Day! We know tomorrow you’re going to feel like complete shit at work, but that’s okay because this isn’t your first rodeo. So man up, Cindy.

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Long Live The Englander!

We here at Wrecked frequent many establishments. Sometimes we get bored with those locations, especially me. I have the attention span of a kindergartener. So, I venture out and find new places that are awesome. Since that’s what this blog is about, let me introduce you all to: The Englander Sports Pub & Restaurant. How awesome is this place? Well, I have returned to The Englander solely to write this review…and enjoy a delicious brew, of course.

Located in San Leandro, a place I sometimes refer to as “Oakland, Jr.”, The Englander is in an oddly nice part of town. The area has several bars, restaurants, and businesses. Next door is a place called The Vine: Wine & Tapas. This area already looks promising! If you’re driving, park in the first spot you see because you probably will not find another one.

I’m not going to lie, this is probably one of the nicest spots in San Leandro. Arriving at 8pm on a Friday night, the place was packed. We were immediately greeted by a wall of beer and spirits. If any of us had a house and tons of money, this is what our bar would contain. There was a makeshift casino in a few of the rooms for a corporate event. Yes, the place is huge.

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Rising Moon? More Like Waning Moon.

“Do I really only have one Rising Moon left?” I asked myself out loud as I opened my fridge. I’m assuming my mom stole the other couple I had left…at least someone likes them. And I need to stop calling it Rising Moon; it’s Blue Moon Spring Blonde Wheat Ale. Either way, I never remember what these taste like until I try them again. Then, I remember why I forgot what they tasted like last year.

You see, I have a problem: Spring time. Sure, the season’s okay. I have no qualms with the weather. I actually rather enjoy the constant shifts from rain to sun. It gives me a good excuse to stay home. My problem with it is the beer. Blue Moon Spring Blonde Wheat Ale, henceforth referred to as Rising Moon like it was called last year because that name is just too long and ridiculous, is a shining example of mediocrity as a result of flavors that just don’t go together.

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So, This Is What Downtown Has To Offer

I love beer. Period. Before I turned 21, I really didn’t. Sometime around then, I was turned on to Newcastle and Fat Tire (thanks Lucky Pizza!), both of which I still enjoy. Now, I enjoy an array of beer…there’s a beer for every occasion! Here’s one for your next.

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The Return of Vodka

I’m a whiskey guy. Or a whisky guy. I guess it depends on what I’m drinking. I always have been and always will be.

As I get older, however, I’ll admit that I can’t pound down shots of well dive bar toilette water or Jack Daniels like I used to. My palate has become a little too sophisticated for that. Would you call me a booze snob? Yes. Or I’ve turned into a complete wuss. You be the judge.

Due to this recent development (a shameful one in the eyes of my closest friends), I’ve turned my attention to Vodka over the last year. Yes, Vodka. I know for most of you in your twenties, Vodka conjures up images of throwing up and crying late night while partying with friends in High school. It has the reputation for fueling hormones in the worst way possible and it’s safe to say that we’ve all had a bad experience with good ol’ Mr. V. As a consequence, many of us haven’t allowed it to touch or lips straight in many years.

Well, I’m here to declare that there is nothing to fear about it. And in fact, there is some damn good Vodka out there (none of which are called Smirnoff, Skyy, or Absolut).

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