Between The Buried And Me Blow Minds With The Parallax: Hypersleep Dialogues

Between the Buried and Me - The Parallax: Hypersleep Dialogues

Back in February, like most of you, I had the chance to listen to the first half of “Specular Reflection”, the first track off Between the Buried and Me’s latest EP, The Parallax: Hypersleep Dialogues (why the fuck does Google always try to correct “dialogue”?!). At first, my reaction was a bit lukewarm… BTBAM has always impressed the hell out of me with their creativity and technical capabilities, but have lacked serious replay value ever since Colors for some reason. After listening to The Parallax: Hypersleep Dialogues in its entirety, all I can say is “holy shit”.

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You Won’t See This New Direction In Unseen Coming

Let me begin by making one thing clear: I fucking love The Haunted. I’ve been listening to them since One Kill Wonder first came out, and I own everything they’ve ever put out (besides their greatest hits collection). So, as you could imagine, I was pretty stoked when I heard The Haunted would be putting out a new record this year. Nothing, however, could have prepared me for the album they’d eventually release.

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Happy Body Slow Brain’s Dreams Of Water

Happy Body Slow Brain - Dreams of Water

I recently drove up to Kelseyville, CA (read: middle of nowhere) to visit a close friend of mine. Before I started my drive, I decided there were a few albums I needed to listen to, including Dredg’s El Cielo, Protest the Hero’s Scurrilous, Thrice’s Beggars, and last, but not least, Happy Body Slow Brain’s Dreams of Water. Admittedly, a couple of those were a bad choice for windy mountain roads late at night since they make me a bit sleepy, but they all have one thing in common: they are phenomenal albums. Yeah, I’m looking at you, Happy Body Slow Brain.

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DEAD ON ARRIVAL: Emery – We Do What We Want

For fans of whiny screamo.

I enjoyed Emery for a hot minute back in 2005 after The Question was released. Since then, I completely lost interest in the band grew up. I saw they had a new album out, which dropped today (March 29) entitled We Do What We Want. Two listens in and I think I’ve had enough of their stubbornness.

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Born Of Osiris Discover Themselves

I first heard Born of Osiris back in 2007 after the release of their debut EP, The New Reign. I didn’t fall in love with them exactly, but I couldn’t help but enjoy their machine gun-like breakdowns and frantic style of playing. What can I say? I’m a sucker for heavy, rhythmic chugging. Especially if it’s beer.

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The Vices & Virtues Of Panic! At The Disco

A guy like me could lose a lot of credibility listening to bubblegum pop like this, but don’t deny it, you LOVED Panic! At the Disco when A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out hit the airwaves like a nuclear panty dropping bomb back in 2005. I’m not embarrassed to admit the fact my friends and I used to sing that album word for word on many drunken occasions and I’ve had long conversations with the most metal of dudes about how the band is the epitome of music you can’t escape from. And to be fair, Panic! deserved it: they had a fresh new sound, catchy melodies, and lyrics that could talk the habit off a nun.

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Going Beyond Expectations With Beyond The Gate

For fans of: The Faceless, Between the Buried and Me, Through the Eyes of the Dead, The Black Dahlia Murder, Opeth, All Shall Perish, etc.

Every so often, I walk into a record store with the intent of finding something new. Not just some new run of the mill band that plays the same riffs I’ve heard a dozen times already, but something entirely new. Well, something led me to pick up Wretched’s Beyond the Gate on a whim, and it was definitely one of my favorite and most dynamic albums of 2010.  And, no, it’s not just because they shared all but two letters as the name of our site.

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Why So Scurrilous? Protest The Hero Are Back

So, a while back, I dated this girl who told me a story about the time she saw DragonForce at The Pound (R.I.P.) in San Francisco. Supposedly, there was this band called Protest the Hero that opened up for them and the whole time they were performing, the entire plastic sword-wielding crowd was yelling at them to get off the stage because they wanted DragonForce. This story is hilarious to me now because 1) My ex girlfriend is stupid and wouldn’t know good metal if it shit in her cereal, and 2) No one has given a shit about DragonForce since 2006, meanwhile, Protest the Hero are still relevant and crushing it (without the help of countless guitar effects and studio wizardry).

Well, it looks like the Canadian Kings of Prog are back with another release entitled Scurrilous, which is due out March 22 (next Tuesday). I’ve had the pleasure of giving it tons of playtime and I am diggin’ it. A lot.

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Children of Bodom Are Back to Relentlessly Shred Your Face Off Yet Again

Children of Bodom came out with a new record? Yeah, I’m as surprised as you. I’m not saying that like it’s a bad thing, it just feels like yesterday that Blooddrunk was released, but fuck, that was in 2008? Time flies, and Relentless Reckless Forever is the new disc to melt your faces from the Finnish death metal-ers. Bodom have definitely regained their footing since 2005’s atrocity Are You Dead Yet? Though “Trashed Lost and Strungout” is quite possibly one of my favorite Bodom songs ever, besides that song and the title-track, that album was pretty much garbage; a minor blemish on an otherwise stellar discography that seems to be on the right track.

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DEAD ON ARRIVAL: The Human Abstract – Digital Veil

Every once in a while, I am unfortunate to hear an album so awful, so unimaginative, and so boring that I will physically take the CD and throw it out of the window of my car while driving down the highway (see: St. Anger and The Fall of Rome by Winter Solstice). Yes, I still listen to CDs. They just sound better.

I can proudly say to you that another album now holds this distinguished honor.

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This or the Apocalypse? It’s an Easy Choice.

For fans of Unearth, Lamb of God, Bleed the Sky, God Forbid, Darkest Hour, etc.

I don’t think I’m the only one who’s noticed, but I think the term “metalcore” is becoming a bit of a bad word. When we hear of a new metalcore band, we’re often quick to pass it off as some kind of emo, girl-pants-wearing band that’s only capable of playing breakdowns and the occasional happy riff that goes great with eating candy (see As I Lay Dying’s “The Darkest Nights”). Metalcore was quick to be swept under the rug when everyone got tired of the same generic cookie cutter riffs and breakdowns, and even I, myself will shrug when someone tries to suggest a new metalcore band to me.

A few weeks ago, a buddy of mine suggested a band he’d been listening to called This or the Apocalypse. I was yearning for some new music (like I almost always am), so I went and checked out a few songs on their myspace, and much to my surprise, I was genuinely impressed.  Soon after, I picked up the band’s newest release, Haunt What’s Left. See, there’s a very low bar of expectations I have for today’s metalcore bands, but This or the Apocalypse has a truly new and unique sound that I could really get into: heavy, dynamic, and pissed off. Everyone’s always searching for the new big contender in modern metal and I’m calling it right now: This or the Apocalypse will be huge.

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WRECKED REVIEW: Glassjaw – Coloring Book

There are a few bands that have stayed with me over the last decade. Most of what I once listened to has gone the way of the dodo. There are some bands, however, that have the staying power of the cockroach. These are artists that continuously put out music they give a shit about. Among these artists is Glassjaw. Their new EP Coloring Book is a complete step away from their former sound and direction but, somehow, it makes complete sense and still sounds familiar.

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WRECKED REVIEW: Trap Them – Darker Handcraft

I have a confession to make. Metal, with the exception of a handful of albums that have come out in the last few years, is dead to me.

(Disclosure: My colleagues here at Wrecked will vouch for the fact that I take sick pleasure in ripping music they thoroughly love. Unlike all the other metal blogs that enjoy jerking off crappy bands they’re buddies with, I have no loyalties to anyone.)

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It’s Everywhere and Everything You Could Want.

Looking to get your groove on to some progressive indie-rock? Seattle based Minus the Bear put out another fantastic album in 2010, and of course, it was awesome enough to make my still going and still annoying best of 2010 list.

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The Element of Two: Leach and Dutkiewicz Return with Times of Grace

In 2002, a little-known band from Massachusetts put out a record called Alive or Just Breathing. This album would come to redefine what popular heavy music would sound like for years to come. With just their first effort with a major label, Killswitch Engage would catapult themselves to the top of the charts, turning heads in the world of heavy music, and with good reason. The album featured intricate and catchy guitar riffs, beautifully constructed vocals with uplifting lyrics, and crushing breakdowns. Soon after the release of the record, however, vocalist Jesse David Leach would go on to leave the band he poured his heart and soul into after going through a string of vocal troubles. The band would choose to go on after Leach’s departure, recruiting vocalist Howard Jones from the band Blood Has Been Shed. Jones exceeded all expectations, and well, the rest is history.

There was something about Leach’s vocals, however, and the tangible amount of passion you heard on that record was in a realm its own. Leach had this overwhelming sense of unity, encouragement and integrity in his lyrics that I really truly bonded with. So after several years later, and a few under the radar side projects, Leach announced that he’d be partnering up with KsE guitarist Adam Dutkiewicz to write a new record together, under the new moniker, Times of Grace. Their debut album, titled The Hymn of a Broken Man, released just recently, on January 18th, 2011. As you can probably imagine, I bought this album as soon as I could find it.

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A Voyage into The Ocean.

2010 was a crazy hectic year for me in more ways than one. Anyone who knows me personally would agree. So in a way, I’m glad I found such a crazy hectic mix of records that really caught my attention throughout the year. This next record was one of the most impressive offerings of the year, despite my initial regret  I experienced after buying it.

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Time Will See Us Realign.

So it’s nearing the end of January, and I know everyone is fucking sick of all those “Top ten _____ of 2010” lists and all those immediate forms of reminiscing over just about everything that happened last year. That’s not what I’m going to do. I’ve got a few records in mind that I feel still deserve recognition for catching my attention last year.  I’ll start with my undoubtedly favorite record of the last year:

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