The Collective Boners of the World Are Rizing for Rize of the Fenix

Rize of the Fenix

The D is back.

The Tenacious fucking D is back.

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Green Shows His Colours with a Little Hell

It’s been three years since Alexisonfire singer/guitarist Dallas Green blew us away with Bring Me Your Love, the second solo-album released under Green’s literal alias City and Colour. What began as a well-kept secret only hardcore Alexis fans knew about became a critical and commercial hit, catapulting Green’s career to what some might say is even higher than that of his original band.

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You Won’t See This New Direction In Unseen Coming

Let me begin by making one thing clear: I fucking love The Haunted. I’ve been listening to them since One Kill Wonder first came out, and I own everything they’ve ever put out (besides their greatest hits collection). So, as you could imagine, I was pretty stoked when I heard The Haunted would be putting out a new record this year. Nothing, however, could have prepared me for the album they’d eventually release.

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Happy Body Slow Brain’s Dreams Of Water

Happy Body Slow Brain - Dreams of Water

I recently drove up to Kelseyville, CA (read: middle of nowhere) to visit a close friend of mine. Before I started my drive, I decided there were a few albums I needed to listen to, including Dredg’s El Cielo, Protest the Hero’s Scurrilous, Thrice’s Beggars, and last, but not least, Happy Body Slow Brain’s Dreams of Water. Admittedly, a couple of those were a bad choice for windy mountain roads late at night since they make me a bit sleepy, but they all have one thing in common: they are phenomenal albums. Yeah, I’m looking at you, Happy Body Slow Brain.

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All Good Junkies Go To a Glassjaw Show (And Get a Free Coloring Book!)

Post-Hardcore outfit Glassjaw rolled through the SF last weekend to lay some sonic destruction on the Regency Ballroom and support their newest release Coloring Book. Yours truly just happened to be there with one thing on my mind: I had to finally discover if one of my favorite bands could hold their weight live. In the back of my mind, I was very worried that this show may be a deathblow for my Glassjaw obsession. Despite all the pieces there for this show to bring nothing but SUCK, I ended up leaving with an even bigger music boner for this New York foursome.

All of my fears about this show can be justified when you look at the history of Glassjaw, spanning from the bands inception in ’93 until now. Line up changes, the shift from a 5 piece to a 4 piece, years of waiting for a follow up to 2002’s Worship and Tribute, and a full band hiatus from ’02 to ’08 are all factors working against the band. Despite all of these facts, however, Glassjaw still holds it down like a champ live.

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WRECKED REVIEW: Glassjaw – Coloring Book

There are a few bands that have stayed with me over the last decade. Most of what I once listened to has gone the way of the dodo. There are some bands, however, that have the staying power of the cockroach. These are artists that continuously put out music they give a shit about. Among these artists is Glassjaw. Their new EP Coloring Book is a complete step away from their former sound and direction but, somehow, it makes complete sense and still sounds familiar.

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