They Say it Gets Lonely on the Top


I have so many great memories with the guys from The Lonely Island over the years. I still remember the first time I watched “The Backseatsman,” following each episode of “The ‘Bu” religiously, and trying to explain to my friends how whitening your teeth would bring up the real estate value of your mouth. Naturally, when news got out that a follow-up to 2009’s colossal hit Incredibad was coming out, I was pretty stoked. Andy Samberg, Jorma Taccone, and Akiva Schaffer return with Turtleneck & Chain, released last week, and though this album took a few listens to really grow on me, it’s definitely a solid fake-rap comedy album that you need to have.

Now I’ll be up front with you, it’s a little odd to review a comedy album. Since comedy is so subjective, I can’t really sit here and tell you if this album is truly funny or not, but there are so many great moments on this record that everyone can enjoy. Both old school Lonely Island fans and newcomers alike will find a lot of laughs on this album.

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