Casket of Cassandra Debut New Single, “Breathless”

Longtime readers of Wrecked or Bay Area locals should be familiar with Casket of Cassandra. In case you need a reminder, Casket of Cassandra, the female-fronted metalcore outfit from Concord, was featured on our site when they played the Bay Area Metal Fest last summer, put on by our good buddies in Nemesis Records. Well, we take our eyes off these guys for a minute, and Nemesis ends up signing Casket of Cassandra behind our backs. Where’s our record deal, Nemesis? Whatever, any music we’d put together would just be too progressive and too ahead of its time. It’s cool.

Anyway, Nemesis has agreed to let us stream Casket of Cassandra’s new single exclusively on Wrecked for a short period of time. Check it out after the jump.

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DEAD ON ARRIVAL: For the Failing Dreams

Check out our newest guest contribution from Randall Woo of Union City, CA. Let him know how he did in the comments section below. If you’d like to write a guest contribution for Wrecked, get more info here.


For fans of: Bury Your Dead, A Day to Remember, etc

It pains me to write this, but For the Fallen Dreams have lost it. Each iteration has become more watered down, more predictable. With the departure of drummer of Andrew Tkaczyk (to fellow melodic hardcore enthusiasts The Ghost Inside) FTFD have taken on a more straightforward sound akin to a straight-ahead mix of Bury Your Dead and A Day to Remember. Gone are the intricacies of their first two albums, to be replaced by chugging breakdowns and sing-along choruses repeated ad nauseum. They hinted towards this sound in 2009’s Relentless, but have fully embraced it on Back Burner.

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This or the Apocalypse? It’s an Easy Choice.

For fans of Unearth, Lamb of God, Bleed the Sky, God Forbid, Darkest Hour, etc.

I don’t think I’m the only one who’s noticed, but I think the term “metalcore” is becoming a bit of a bad word. When we hear of a new metalcore band, we’re often quick to pass it off as some kind of emo, girl-pants-wearing band that’s only capable of playing breakdowns and the occasional happy riff that goes great with eating candy (see As I Lay Dying’s “The Darkest Nights”). Metalcore was quick to be swept under the rug when everyone got tired of the same generic cookie cutter riffs and breakdowns, and even I, myself will shrug when someone tries to suggest a new metalcore band to me.

A few weeks ago, a buddy of mine suggested a band he’d been listening to called This or the Apocalypse. I was yearning for some new music (like I almost always am), so I went and checked out a few songs on their myspace, and much to my surprise, I was genuinely impressed.  Soon after, I picked up the band’s newest release, Haunt What’s Left. See, there’s a very low bar of expectations I have for today’s metalcore bands, but This or the Apocalypse has a truly new and unique sound that I could really get into: heavy, dynamic, and pissed off. Everyone’s always searching for the new big contender in modern metal and I’m calling it right now: This or the Apocalypse will be huge.

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