Where’s the Zelda Review?

As many of you already know, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword started flying off store shelves November 20th. It’s been a couple weeks I know, but I’m hard at work trying to get that final review out, but to do the game justice, I have to play the game from start to finish. What’s the hold up? Skyward Sword is a fucking 40+ hour game, and as a working man with a measly excuse for a social life, frankly, that’s a lot of time. Hell, I only get about that same amount of sleep a week, so give a brother some slack.

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Nintendo’s Finally Done Ripping You Off

Nintendo Selects Line Introduces Mario Kart Wii Bundle -- Hints At Wii Price Drop

According to G4TV.com, Nintendo finally announced price drops on some of its biggest titles, like Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Wii Sports (previously FREE?), Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and more, bringing them to a much more reasonable $19.99 under the “Nintendo Selects” moniker. To me, this feels like a too-little-too-late move for Nintendo. I mean, taking FOUR AND A HALF YEARS to drop a single dime off Zelda’s price tag seems absolutely batshit crazy, don’t you think? Part of the speculation behind this move is that Ninty is price-dropping the big titles as well as bringing the system down to $149 to make way for the new Wii successor, code-named Project Cafe.

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The Nintendo 3DS Brings A New Dimension You Never Thought You Needed… Until Now

Love the Color Scheme. Go Sharks!

I’ve spent about a week with Nintendo’s newest beauty, the 3DS, and I’ve got all the juicy details you need to know. Those “hands-on” sessions you tried at Best Buy WILL NOT do the system any justice at all. In fact, Ninty’s newest handheld, despite a few questionable design errors, is going to take the world by storm.

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SHOTS WITH SAMUS: A Drunk Encounter With Metroid: Other M

For my review on Metroid: Other M, I decided to get together with fellow Wrecked Reviewer Ben Everett and liquor him up with some good ol’ Jack Daniels to get a few of his personal insights, observations, and notable quotes on the game. For entertainment purposes, of course.

OH MY GOD SAMUS IS SO HOT! She’s basically the ultimate fantasy for every Nintendo fanboy if Zelda and Princess Peach aren’t available. But she’s in a new game, and to be honest she’s lost some of her appeal, some of her confidence, some of her independence, and god damnit, some of her fun.

“One of the strongest female characters of all time, is taking orders from some stupid CO. She’s a god damn bounty hunter! I WANT MY SAMUS BACK!”

-Ben, after a few shots and an ice-cold Bud Light

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